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To the R EAD ERa vii proaching, lift up the Hands that hang down, let the feeble Knees be ftrengthened,and make ftreight Paths for your Feet,left that which is lame be turnedout of the Way, but let it rather be healed. FollowPeace withall Men,ánd Holinefs,without which noMan {hall feetheLord; looking diligently,letf any Man fail of the Grace of God, left any root of bitternefs fpringing up trou- ble you,and thereby many be defiled, &c. For e re are no the come unto the Mount that might be touched, Ye. are not dark legal Difenfation,which was fullofTerrour ; but ye are come to Mount Sion,and to the City of the living God : ye are under afar more glorious Gofpel -Difpenfation and have in thereDifcourfes the Gofpel andfpiritual Gloryofthat oldDifpenfation fhiningout upon you theVeil being taken offfrom it by the Aliniflry ofthisServant ofChriflforyourfakes. For what your Miniers are,they areforyou. Epaphras was afaithful Minier ofChrifl for the Churchat Colofs, This Author was inlightned byChrigfor you. The Influences that the Miniflers are the Subjels of,arefor their People. Iftheir Confo- lation abound thrô Chriít,it is that they may be able to Comfort others by theComfort wherewith they themfelves areComfort- ed ofGod, 2 Cor. i. 4, 6. If they be enabled to walk Exemplarily in Gofpel--fimplicity, holinefs, jufinefs and unblamablenefs through variety o f frngular andfore Tryals it is for your fakes,i Theff. T . S. withchap.2. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9,1o. their Light and Gifts are yours and for you, i Cor. 3.22. Theft Sermons in the Preaching ofthem were in apeculiar mannerfor you : So are they now in this making of themyet more Publick. So are thofe that now lobouramong you in the Word andDoc`Irine your Servants for Chrift's fake. The Blefng ofHeaven go along withboth this Book and their Labours, Amen. And let every one alto that reads, fay Amen. NATHANAEL MATHERo