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The Gofpel of the perfonal Types. gy 4.. Faitbfulnefs to his Truft ; this was eminent in Mofes, but more eminent in Cbrift, Heb. 3. 5, 6. Mofes was but faithful aß a Servant inks Lord's Houfe. But Chrift as a Son in his own Houfe. He will not Joie one Soul, of all thofe that the Father hath committed to him, Yob. 6. 39, 40. In his laft Prayer he profelfeth, Yoh. 17. 12. thofe that thou givef me I have kept, andnone of them is loft, but the Son of Perdition : Not the leafy Believer can or !hall mifcarry. If thou fayft, How may I know, whether I was committed to the Trutt and. Care of Jefus Chrift by the Father ? The Anfwer is, If thou doff commit thy felf to him, the Lord bath done it. Thou couldff never truft thy felf with him ; thou couldlt not commit thy Soul to his keeping, if the Lord had not firft intruft- ed thee with him in his eternal Counfel and Covenant of Redemption. But thou,haft done it. and it is thy daily Work; therefore thou maift fafely conclude with Paul, z Tim. r. 12. be will keep the thing I bave committed to him : He will be faithful to God, and faithful to thee ; he never failed any that truffed in him. 3. Mofes was a Type of Chrift in the whole courfe of his Sept. iß67. Life. And here many things come to be confidered. z. His Work and Office. 2. His Sufferings and Conflifis iu the Difcharge thereof. 3. The Lord's owning and bearing Witnefs to him by Miracles and Signs and Wonders; in all which there was a manifeft Prefiguration of the Lord Jefus Chrift. i. In his Work and Office. He was in general a Mediator between God and the People, a typical Mediator. All the good that God was pleafed to confer upon that People, it was by his Miniftry, and In- terpolition between God and them, Gal. 3. z9. the Law was ordainedby Angels in the band of a Mediator Deut. 5. 5. IRood between the Lord and you at that time, toPhew you the Word of the Lord; for yewere afraid by reafon of the Fire, and went not up into the Mount, Exod. 19. -7, 8. So Chrift is the Mediator of the Covenant of Grace, Heb. 9. 15. and for this caufe he is the Mediator of the New Tefiament. But he bath the Preheminence above Mofes, Heb. 8. 6. but now bath he obtained a more excellent Miniftry, by bow much alfo he is the Mediator of abetter Cove- nant. God was pleafed to redeem his People Ifraci out of their Bondage in Egypt by Mofes his Miniftry : God fent him, and he left his former Employment and Place to do this Work, Exod. 3. to. Come now there- fore and I will fend thee untoPharaoh, that thou maift bring forthmy Peo- ple the Children of Ifrael ont of Egypt. But by Jefus Chrift he redeem- D eth c