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96 The Gofpel of the firerfonal Types. then, and in this Condition of Subjeaion to the Roman Power was Chrift born : And as foon as born, he wasperfected by Herod, Matth. 2. who fought his Death ; but wonderfully preferved, and by means of his reputedFather, as Mofes by the Mother that adopted him ; both of them by wonderful Providences faved and delivered, that they might be Saviours and Deliverers unto others. 2. Mofes was a Type of Chrifl in bis perfonal Qualifications, which were very eminent. He was the molt accomplifh'd Perfon that ever was, except Jefus Ch 1ft himfelf. r. In Learning and knowledge, Aa. 7. 22. He wa3 Learned in all the Wifdom of the Egyptians. So Chrift, lfa. i i. r, 2,3. The Spirit of Wit= dom and Vnderflanding, the Spirit of Counfc_l and of Knowledge refted up. on him, to make him of quick Vnderflanding in the Fear of the Lord; in- fomuch, that be difputed wi.' the Dollors at twelve yearsof Age, Luke z. 42, 46, 47. ( Thofe Dodlors were as toomany are now a days eaten up with Mens Traditions, and ignorant ofthe Scripture. ) The 7ervs ac- knowledged and admired it, lob. 7. 15. And the Yews marvelled, laying, bow knoweth this Man Learning, having never learned, and ver. 46. the Officers anfwered, never Manfpake like this Man. a. Clear and extraordinary Vifion and Sight of God, Numb. 12. 6, 7, 8. Face to Face, Mouth to Mouth God fpake to Mofes, even apparent- ly, and not in dark Speeches; and the Similitude ofthe Lord did be be- hold: Expreflions arguing unparallel'd Clearnefs in the Lord's reveal. ring himfelf and his Mind to Mofes. There was never the like vouch- fafed to any other. Toothers, even Prophets the Lord made known himfelf in a Vifion, or fpake to them in Dreams, wer. 6. 'but to Mofes at another rate. So Chrift, Yoh. I. 8. No Man bath feen God at any time, but the only begotten Son, which is in the Bofom ofthe Father, he bath declared him. 3. There was in Mots an admirable mixture of Meeknefs and Zeal ; eminent in meeknefs of Spirit, and that feafoned and tempered with holy Zeal, Numb. 12. 3, forty rears he bare their manners in the Wilder nefs with an invincible Patience, Aas 7. 36. with 13, t8. though mur- muring and rebelling againft Godand himfelf. So Chrift, Math. tr. Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in Heart. When his Difciples tempted him, he would not fetch down Fire fromHeaven againft his Defpifers and Oppofers ; yet, he was angry at the Defilement of the Temple, and whipt them out : And fo was Mofes at the Golden Calf .r.. Meeknef without Zeal is nothing.elfe;but Lukewarmnefs and Cowardi%e. Zeal without 'i'íeeknefs degenerates into finful Páfon. We fhould be meek Lim own Caufe ; but zealous in the Caufe of God. 4. Faith-