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102 The Gofpel of theperfonal Types. the wild Beafts fhould multiply upon them, Deut.7. za. So Chrift Yefus is a mighty Conqueror, he fubdueth all the Enemies of his Peo- ple : See him defcribed, Rev. 6. to,. conquering or to conquer, not only five, nor one and thirty, but thoufands ofthem. One Man was pot feft with a Legion of Devils ; but they are all cart forth by Jefus Chrift. And as Chrift, fo his Followers are as ofhua's Conquerors with and through him : And he gives Believers to tread upon the necks of their own Lúfts ; and of the Devil's Temptations ; yet however there be force Canaanites left in the Land ; force Corruptions in the Hearts of God's People in this Life to exercife their Graces and to keep them humble ; which yet, if it be not through their own carelefs Negligence, fhall not difturb their Peacewith God. But there were force Enemies, that were devoted unto everlafting Mile and Deftruaion irrecoverable, by Yofhua in the Spirit of Pro- phefie, viz.. Yericho, cap. 6. 26. which Curfe did not fall to the Ground, but was fulfilled in Hiel the Bethelite, r Kings 16.34. a Shadow of the irreparable Ruines. and everlafting Deftruaion of all the implaca- ble Enemies of God and his People, and efpecially Rome and Anti- ebrift, Rev. 18. 2I. Babylon (hall be café-- down like a Milfione into the Sea, never to rife more. The. Curie: of Chrift will fall upon fuch as endeavour to reftore Rome again, and raife up the Ruines that he bath . brought upon. it. For it is devoted by our Lord Jefus, the true Yofhua, to irreparable everlafting Deftruaion. 4. Tho' lofhua conquered and deftroyed refitting Enemies ; yet he frayed thofe who fubmitted themfelves ; as Rahab cap. 6. the Gibeonites cap. 9. Tho' they a&ed very finfully, they came out of flavifh fear, and . they difl'embled; yet they did fubmit themfelves. So Chrift refills the proud ; but gives Grace to the humble, that yield up themfelves unto him ; though there be a mixture of much flavith Fear, and iinful Sel- fifhnefs and Unbelief in their fo doing, as Mark 9. 24. 5. Jothuagave them reft, fulfilling and accompli(hing all the good pro- mifd, cap. a.r. 45. and Yolhua appeals to all their Knowledges and Confciences about it, cap. 23.. t4. So when we come to Heaven, we 'hall fee the Truth and Faithfulnefs of God ; we (hall have all the Promifes accomplifhed through Chrift the true Visa ; and be able to fay with Joy unfpeakable, not a Word bath failed ; and all through Chrift the true Yofhua : For in him all the Promifes are Tea and Amen; 2 Cor.. r. 20. and this will be Reft for ever. As they had Reft ; fo now Believers enter into an everlafting Reft, Heb. -4.9, I0, i r. But