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The Gabel of the perfcnal types. k09; ofu; Doff thou get the Viáory ? Then the end will he Peace. Are there any beginnings of Vi&ory ? Whatever thou doff, do not lay down thy Weapons, but fight Rill, this is the beginning of Vidory, and the end will be Triumph, and Peace, and Joy. Who is the Type or Figure of him that is to come, Rom. g. i 4. Sept. 19. 1667. He third Conjún(tion or Conglobation of Typical Perins under the Lam, le thole three Prophets, Elijah, Elifha and Jonah, whom I put together, becaufe Elijah was a Type of Chrift's Afcenfion into Heaven, and Elifha of the Continuance of his Prefence and Spirit in. his Apoftles and Meffengers ever fince, and fonah of his Death and Sufferings the procuring caufe of all. r. For Elijah, that great Prophet. I confefs he is omitted by many that have written of the Types, and indeed by all that 1 have feen. I know not well; how it comes to pats. But that he was a Type, is certain, becaufe Yohn. the Baptift is called, by his Name; thereforehe was a Type, (r, ) Of. Yohn. ( 2.) Of Cbrift himfelf.. I. He was a Type of the Mefliah's Harbinger and Fore-runner, Yohn the Baptift. For the Types (as hath been often hinted) are not to be reftrained always only to the Perfon of Chrift himfelf; but all the things of Chrift were typified to then of Old. There were Types of all New Teftament Difpenfations ; therefore Yohn is called Elijah, Mal. 4. 2. laft ver. and Chrift himfelfexplains it, Mattb. I r. r4. But why is 7ôhn called Elias.? Not that he was Elijah perfonally, but myftically ; he rofe up in the Spirit and Power of Elijah ? So .Elijah was f7ohn in a Type or Figure. Yohn was Elijah in Spirit and. Power, as Luke 1. 17. There was fome thing of Analogy in his very outward Garb and Deportment, an hairy Man, 2 Kings i. 8. that is, in regard of his Habit or Clothing; in a rough. hairy Garment : So John ( Matth. 3. 4.) were a dirdle of _lair ; But chiefly in regard of his Spirit and inward Endowments,.. and of his Work andOffice, to convert and recai a backfliden Gene- ration. 2. Elijah was a Type ofChrift bimfèlf. And that he was fo, will be very evident, if you confider howgreat a Perfon this ,Llijab was, ii. three Refpeas..