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11G The Gofpel of theperfonal Types. His eminent and heroic& Spirit of Holinefs, and invincible Courage andAáivity for God. His very Name lignifies God the Lord, Elijah or Elijahu, in the Hebrery Elias, in the Greek in the New Tefta- ment. He abode with God when almoft all the World forfook him, it Kings 19. tc he reduced and brought back the People, cap. 18, 39. he was a Man mighty in Prayer, lames 5. 17, 18. a Man of an invin- cible Courage, who feared not to hand himfelf alone againft four hun- dred Prophets, and againft Ahab the King, and yezabel the Queen, whole Chaplains thefe falte Prophets were : He is brought forth in the facred Hiftory not unlike Melchizedek, without Father or Mother, without either Birth or Death, t Kings 17. 2. Thegreat and wonderful Miracles wrought by him. There be twelve recorded in the Hiftory of him in the firft and fecond Books of Kings. t. His (hutting up the Windows of Heaven, that there fhould be no Rain for three Years and an half, t Kings 17. whence force have cal- led him Frenum Cæli, the Bridle of Heaven. 2. His being fed by a Raven, Morning and Evening at the Brook Cherith betide Yordan. This was the eft-ea of his Faith and Prayer, and may be reckoned among his Miracles ; not that it is likely 2 that he did eat raw Flefh, but rather that God by his Provi- dence direaed the Ravens to the Places where they might have it, as to force richMens Kitchens, or the like. 3. His miraculousSupply of the Widow of Zarephath, called Sarepta in Luke 4. z6. That ber Barrel of Meal wafted not, nor did the Cruife of Oyl fail. 4. His railing her Son from the Dead, by ftretching himfelfupon the Child. This was the firft Perfon we read of in Scripture, that was raifed from the Dead, and Elijah's fourthMiracle. All thefe are recorded in t Kings 17. g. In fetching down Fire from Heaven upon his Sacrafice, to con- found the Priefts of Baal, i Kings t 8. 6. His opening the Windows of Heaven, and fetching down Rain after he had done Juftice upon the Priefts of Baal ; cap. 18. He did this alfo by Prayer, and by perfevering in Prayer, ver. q.3. 7. His fatting forty Days and forty Nights, cap. 19.8. In Mount Horeb, and in his Journey thither and back again, the place where God appeared to Mofes, End. 3. t, 2. and where he gave the Law to "[Mel, Deut. 4. to, 14. Never any Man fafted forty Days, betides this Elijah, and Mofes, Exod. 34. z8. andChrift, Matth. 4. 2. Here- ïin. both Mofes and Elijah were manifefted Prefigurations of the Lord 5efus Chrilt. 8. His