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The Goffiel of the perfonal Types. >E f t t. His calling theProphet Eli/ha, and caufing him to follow him, by rafting his Mantle upon him ; which had fuch an Influence, that he left all and followed him ; therefore this may be put into the Cata- logue of his Miracles, cap. 19. And in the like miraculous Influence of the Spirit did Chrifl call his Apostles to leave all and follow him. His ninth and tenth Miracles were the Deftruaiori of the two Cap- tains and their Fifties, when Ahaziah fent to take hhn,. 2 Kings I. they both perifhed alike. For like Sins pull down like Judgments. The I ith was the dividing of Yordan by his Mantle, that he and Eli /ha might pifs over, 2 Kings i. And the t nth was his Afcenfion into leaven in a Chariot ofFire, z Kings 2. 1 1 a Prerogative that never any Man hadbut himfelf, and Enoch before the Law, and Mofs whogave the Law ; but Mofes died firft, and was tranflated afterwards, as hath been formerly chewed. They were all three. eminent Types herein of Chrift's Afccufion into Heaven. They that are faithful and zealous for God in times ofgeneral Apoftacy, the Lord is wont to own them in a fpecial manner, and to put fpecial Honour upon them one way or other. 3. His .commiflionating Succeffors after him to carry on the Work .. of God when he was gone, t Kings 19. 15, 16. Eli/ha to be Prophet Hazael King of Syria, fehu King of lfrael. So Chrift fends forthhis Apoftles and Minifters, Mattb. zS. thofe that are godly ; tho' force.. times he imploys others that are not godly, but only gifted, and makes force ufe of them, as he did of zebu, and of Tuda3,. and Demaa for a time. 2. Elifha, called in the New Teftament Elizeuc, Luke 4.. was a Type of Chrift in three refpeds. 1. In that Elifha, in refped of Elijab, was, as it were, a Continua- tion of the fame Perlon : For he rofe up compleatly in the fame Spirit. The Prophets difcerned it, z Kings 2..15. the Spirit of Elijah did reft upon Elifha. So when Chrift departed and afcended up to Heaven, be left the Comforter in his. Read, Yob. 16. and he left the Apoftles and Minifters to carry on : his Work, and poured forth his Spirit upon them for that end. Or we may accommodate this with refped to Yobn the Baptií%n thus. As. Elifha fucceeded Elijah; ;fo did Cbrilh came after Yam the Baptist t And fo.E¡fha. was iu this refped a Type of Chritf him feif.