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The Gofpel of the perfonal Types. r y 5 4. The ftmrtb and lift Conjunction that I íhall fpeakunto, of typical Perfons tinder the Lam, is Zerubbabel and Jehoíhua, of whom one was the chief 1l'lagifirate, the other the chief Melt ; and both of them Re- builders of the Temple, and Reftorers of the collapfed State of the Church of God in thofe Times : In all which there was an eminent Prcefiguration of Jefus Chrift. But what of Chrift was fhadowed forth by thefe two ? For I fhall put them both together, they being Contemporaries, and Joint-In- ftruments in theWork and Service of God in that Generation. There were three Things of Chrift typed and fhadowed forth by them. r. Both bis Offices of King and PrieTh.. Zerubbabel was the Prince of the People of God in thofe Days, and the chief Perfon of the Line of David. And 'Yehofhuah was at the fame time High Prieft. And that there was fomething of peculiar Glory in his Priefthood, relating to Jefus Chrift our great High Prieft, is not improbable. In Zech. 3. he is prefented in Vifion to the Prophet, as ftanding before the Lord, and refitted bySatan; but Satan' doth not prevail againft him, ver. 1. z, for he is clothed with change of Raiment, ver. 4. and bath a fair Mitre fet on his Head, ver. 5. So Clint, t though oppofed and refitted by Satan, yet went through with his Work, and had blefl'ed Acceptance with God, and Succefs therein. 2. Their building the Temple, the Church ofGod. For thefe two did build the Temple, conjun&ly ; Ezra. 3. 8. and 4.3. and 5. 2. each of them in their feveral capacities, being ftirred up to it by the Pro- phet Haggai, as you may fee Hagg. r . tz, 14.. And it is faid of Zerub- babel, that as his Hands laid the Foundation of the Temple; fo his Hands fhouldalfofini(h it, Zach. 4.. 9. and the building of the Altar is afcribed to them both conjun&ly, Ezra. 3. 2. So doth Chrift fpiritually, as the Apoftle tells us in that very Metaphor of building the Houfe of God, Heb. 3. 3, 4. 3. Zerubbabel and 7ehofhua were the Condu&ors and Captains of the Salvation of that People from literal Babylon, Ezra. r. 5, 8. and 2. z. and 5. 14. So Chrift brings back the Captivity of his People out of Spiritual Bondage under Sin, and Satan in their natural State ; and out of Antichrifiian,Bondage under Rome, which is myftical Babylon. But there will be occafion to fpeak further to thefe things when we come to thereat Types. Betides the Perfonal Types which have been fpoken to, there be di- vers others alto that are noted by learned Men : As of the firft Claffis before the Law ; force have noted Abel the Proto-martyr, as álfo Seth, Me- Q 2 thufelab,