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716 The Gofpel of the perfoval Types. thnfelah, and Lamecb Noah's Father, and Heber the Seventh from Enoch, as Enoch was the feventh from Adam. Heber was a pious Man ; in his Seed the. primitive Language; and the true Religion and Church of God were preferved when the reft of the World was loft and fell into Id,~:latry ; and from him the Church had their Denomination, He- brrws ; as Chrillians have from Jefus Chrifl. And it was prophefied, That Chittim fhould afliiéf Heber, Numb. 24. 24. Chittim is the Ro- mans, Chrift is the chiefeft of Heber, whom Italy or Chittim afiliaed, as in other Refpeas, fo chiefly at his Death ; for he was crucified un- der Tiberius the Roman Emperor. 1udah the Son of facob, to whom it was laid, Thy Father's Sons 'hall bow down lento thee, Gen. 49. S. Alfo Yob in his Sufferings and Patience, both unparallel'd, and his prevailing Interceflions for his offending Friends, are by forne looked on as Types of Chrift. And as to the fecond Claffs, viz. thofe under the Law, fome have ad- ded Aaron the Prieftof the Lord : But' what might be laid of him, will come in when we come to handle the Cffice ofthe Priellhood. Allo Gideon and fephthab, Judges of Ifrael of Old. And Samuel the Prophet, who was à Judge alfo, and a Nazarite. I-Jezekiah and yofah, thofe great reforming Kings. Eliakim, Ifa. 22.20. for the like Phrafe which is there ufed, ver. 22. of Eliakim, is applyed to Chrift, Ifa. 9. 5. Revel. 3. 7.. Some have fet Cyrus alto among the Types ofChrift, the Founder of the Perfian Monarchy: Who may be thought to have been 'a godly Man, muchGood and no Evil being recorded of him in the Scripture ; and he did a'very good Work, (and a great and glorious Work) it was the breaking the Yoke of Babylon, and Petting the Ifrael ofGod at Liber- ty, and rebuilding the Temple ; and indeed the Elogies and Exprefi. ons of the Prophet Ifaiab concerning him, are very High and Excel- I¢nt, ¡(a. cap. 45. and cap. 46. r t. Daniel alto a Perron of extraordinary Eminency in his Generation. I do not omit thefe Perfons, as concluding they had no no typical relay tion to Jefus Chrift : For indeed, I think divers of them had ; but in force, the Analogy is but weak and dark, and in force few Particulars, and tho' in others it is more clear ; yet it would have been too large to go thorough every Perlon. I have thought it fufficient tomy intend- ed Scope, to inftance only in force of the Clearefl and moll Eminent; referring the refl. to your own Meditations in the-Scripture, to obferve and improve what you And Written concerning them, áJfe r.