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The Gofpel of the perfonal ?,apes. 117 Vfe r. See the Glory or JefusChrift the Antitype ; in that fo many Ex- cellent Perfons do but weakly and imperfectly reprefent him as if all the Candles in the World were put together, they would not equa- lize the Glory of the Sun Bet, how Bright then is, the Sun it ¡elf, which fhines brighter than all the Candles of the World ; yea, than . all the Stars in the Firmament ? So here, how Glorious is the Nfe¡fìah, of whom all thefe were but weak and dark Umbrages ! He is indeed the chiefeft of ten Thoufands, Cant. 5. Vfe 2. Look whatever Glory was in any of thefe Perfons by way of Prefiguration of Jefus Chrift : It is, and fhould be found in, every Believer by way of Participation from Chrift, and Imitation of him. Therefore in thefe Examples we fee our own Duty ; in their krainments, we fee what Ihould be our Endeavours ; our Endeavours did I fay ? I may fay alfo, through Grace, our Attainments. For tho' it is true, we are not yet Perfect ;, neither have we already attained, yet there is a time coming, when thou and I, if we be true Believers, (hall be more Ho- ly than ever Elijah, or Elifha were in the Days of their Pilgrimage here Below.. Whenwe ¡hall ferve G ,d better than Zerubbabel and Ye- bofhuah did, when they reftored and rebuilt his Temple ; Namely, when we come to Heaven. Then there will not be the leaft Saint, but will be more Holy than ever the molt Eminent Saint was here upon. Earth. For the belt of them had a Body ofSin and Death in them, but in Flea- ven. there (hall be no Sin at all. As thefe Eminent Perfons had a Typical relation unto Chrift, foeve- ry Believer hath a Myflical Union and Communion with him ; and by Virtue thereof, they do partake of his Spirit and Glory. So that as we have here a Motive unto what we ought todo, fo we have alfo En- couragement and Comfort, as to what we !hall attain. We ¡hall attain it then, when Yefus Chrifl ¡hall prevent all his Members to his Father blame- lefs, and fpotlefs, and faultlefs, before the Pretence of his Glory with exceed- ing Yoy. Eph. 5. 27. Jude, 24. Who is the Type or Figure of him that Sept. 26. was to come, Rom. 5. 14. 1667. TH E perfonal Types ofChrift have been referred unto two forts. 1. Individual Perfons. 2. Religious Orders, or whole Ranks and Kinds of typical Perfons. The former have been fpoken to, we ¡hall now proceed to the latter, and fo finifh the Text. The difference between individual Types, and religious Orders or Kinds. and Ranks of typicalT?erfons, lies chiefly ¡n this, That no wicked Man, could.