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126 The Cofpel of the perfonal Types. mains, that which is Ceremonial is done away : But there were other Religious Orders that were wholly Ceremonial; and thefe are wholly a- boli(hed. Of this fort was Nazaritefhip, and the Priellhood. Thefe were Orders meerly Religious, and fo are ceafed and vanithed away with the legal Religion of thofe Times. But the Popifh Orders of Monkery and Nunnery, &c. are an apifh and wicked Imitation of that old legal Na- zaritifm. Vfe 2. See the Glory of the Antitype in whom all thefe meet in one ; all the individual perfonal Types before-mentioned, and all thefe religious Orders now opened. He is the true Ifrael, and the Firfl-born, he is the true Nazarite; he is our Prophet, Prie.f and King. They were but Stars that (hone in the Night, he is the Sun ofRigbteoufnefs. Vfe 3. See our own Dignity and Duty ; for all the Members ofChrift do in their Meafure partake of the Glory of him their Head : Therefore walkas becomes the Ifrael of God, as his Firfl -born ; do not, with pro- tone Elam, fell your Birthright for a mefs of Pottage, Heb. r 2. 16. Yeare Nazarites feparated unto God : Therefore be ye not conformed to the World, Rom. r 24 r, 2. Yeare the Lord's Witneffes and Prophets : Therefore bear your Tefti- mony tohim, and tohis Truths and Ways, tho' yepropbefie in Sackcloth. Ye are alfo Priefls untoGod, not to make Atonement, ( that Chrift path done r) But as he bath offered the Sacrifice of Atonement : So ye ihould offer the Sacrifices of Praife and Thankfgiving to his Name. And finally, remember ye are Kings ; for he bath made us Kings unto our God, Rev. I. Therefore walk and as as Kings to rule over your own Lufts, and not be Underlings to them. It was David's Prayer, Pfal. g t. 12. Vphold me with thy free Spirit, that is, thy Kingly, thy Royal Spirit, as fome explain it. And if ye reign with him as Kings in Grace here, ye íhall reign with bim in Glory for ever. T H E