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127 T H E GOSPEL. OF THE OCCASIONAL TYPES. I Car. X. i T. (Rob. 3.167, Taú1a zirccvla tivros o'urißacvov îxeivos5, Now all theft e Things happened unto them for Types, and theyare written for our Admonition, &c. H E Types (Beloved) have been diftinguilhed into two forts, Perfonal and Real ; or Typical Perfons and Typical,': Things. This is the firfi and higheft Diftribution of them : The Perfonal Types have been run thorough. We are now to, proceed ( theLord aftifiing) to the Real Types. And thefe may be fubdivided into two forts, occafsonal; and Perpetual : For force Types were Tranfient, and force Permanent : Some were Extraordinary and Occafional ; as Manna, the Brazen Sere pent, &c. Some were Perpetual, viz. the whole Ceremonial: Lam; the Ordinances