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I 34 The tsofpel of the perfonai Types. thenceit afcended and went up like a Pillar of Smoke, as we read of Pillars of Smoke, Judg. 20. 4.o. Cant. 3.6. It was one and thefame Sub- Rance which was a Cloud by Day, and Fire by Night. It was not real natural Fire ; therefore called the appearance of Fire, Numb. 9. 16. It was not Ignis wrens, but only Ignis lueens ; it was no burning, but only fhining Fire : For it fat upon the Tabernacle, which was madeof Boards and other Combuftible Matter. It kept its Form, and was not moved by the Wind, or by any other ordinary and common Caufe, but by the Lord himfelf : And it moved and walked no falter than the whole Camp could follow. Out of this Cloud t`he Lord fpake and delivered his Oracles to.Mofes. And there the Glory of the Lord appeared to the People, Exod, r6. so. and 33. 9. and 34.. 5. Levit. 16. 2. Pfal. 99.7. Numb. t c . 25. and :12. 5.:Deut. 31. 15. Thus for the Hiffory of it. Now that therewas a Adyflery in this Pillar of Cloud and Fire, is.clear from Ifa. 4. 5, 6. for there never was a literal Cloud and Fire upon Mount Sion. This fiery Pillar did ceafe,when they were entred intoCa- naan : 'rajah therefore intends aSpiritual Thing under thofe Expreffi- ons. So it is here mentioned by the Apoftle in the Context as re- prefenting a Gofpel-Myftery ; They were all baptized unto Mofes in the Cloud, r Cor. to. ver. 2. It fignified and fhadowed forthy t. Somethingof Chrift himfelf. 2. The Benefits of Chrift. 3. The Ordinances of Chrift. x. Chrift bimfelf. Some have noted a Shadow both of his Deity and. Humanity. There was a fiery Brightnefs in the Cloud, which yet was but a dark fhadow of the Glory of his Deity; whichwas often inVi- lions fo reprefented : But his divine Nature was veiled and over- clouded by his - Humane ; as in this Shadow there was a Pillar of Cload as well as Fire. In Rev. to. a. Chrift is reprefented as clothed frith a Cloud, and bis Feet as Pillars of Fire. Expreflions notably anfwering this ancient Type and Shadow. 2. It holds forth fomething of the Benefits of Chrilt What Benefits had they from this Pillar of Fire and Cloud ? They had Three. r. Light and Direction. 2. Defence and Protealon. 3. Ornament and Glory. All which we have in an higher manner in Chrift by the Gofpel. t. Light and: Direction in the way they Amidgo, in thofe Arabian De- farts, where nOEMan dwelt, and which no Man palled thorough ; where there