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The Gofpel of theperjonal Types. 133 There was first the Fire ofFagan Perfecs tion during the three firft Cen- turies. Then the Fire of Arrianifm, andContention in the Church, &c. fet forth under that prophetical Reprefentátion of Fire in the ficít and fecond Trumpets, Rev. S.7, 8. Then the Fire of Antichrifiian Perfecution a tboufand two hundred and threefcore "Days. And then laftly,_ the Perfeccstion of three Days and an balf in the 1a11 of his Reign. But yet ftiIl the burning Bufh is not confumed: The Church ofGod fubfifts, and lives, and outlives all Oppofition ; it cannot, it (hall not be confumed. They have power over the Fire, Rev. 14.. 18. It is uncle, ftood by fume Interpreters not unfitly concerning the Martyrs that fuffered by Fire, but were not overcome by it ; their Faith and Patience were not overcome, but did triumph and conquer through Jefus Chrift : And all this through the Prefence of God with them. For._ be that dwelt in the burning Bufh, dwells in the miditofhis Church, Deut. 33. 16. Ails 7.35. The Son ofGod was in the Furnace, Dan. 3. 25. And. under the New Teftament he walked in the mid.$1 of the (even Golden Cam. dleflicks, Rev.2.1. He hath promifed, Ifa.43,2. roben thou walker through the Fire, thou (hall not be burnt, neither(ball the Flame kindle upon time. Thefe two Typical Things were prefented to particular Perfons, namely, themyflical Ladder to Jacob, and the burning Bufh to Mofes. The other five were more publick to the whole People of Ifracl, namely, the Pillar of Cloud and Fire, the Manna, the Rock and Water out of its, the Brazen Serpent, and the Pool of Betbefda. 3. The Pillar of 'Cloud and Fire, Exod. 13. 21, 22, As to the Nature of it, it Teems to have been not unlike thofe Things which are called in Scripture Pillars of Smoke, Joel 2. 3o. which the Apostle renders . Vapour ofSmoke, A&s 2. 19. which the Lord did now create, and in á miraculous way (by the Miniftration of Angels, who are the lnftru- ments of his Providence and Minifters to his Church) did carry and move to and fro. from Place to Place. It is called a Cloud, becaufe it had fomething of that Appearance but it was n .tan ordinary and natural,buta fupernatural and miraculous Cloud ; and differed from other ordinary Clouds in many refpe&s. It was of firth an height and bignefs,as was and might be feenby all the Houle of Ifrael, Exod. ult. ult. Other Clouds are loon difperfed and dif- fipated; But this remained firm for the fpace of forty Years together, till they came into the Land of Canaan; the lower part of it vetted upon the Tabernacle, after the Tabernacle was .eretìed, and from thence..