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140 The Gofpelo f the occafional Types. Ole Temple, Luke 2, If you would gather Manna, the Camp of 1frael. If you would get Chrift, go to the Church, and ;feek hind there. 2. It was bidden in the Dew, lapt up (as it were) in two Beds ofDew, the one above it, and the other under it, Exod. 16. 14. When the Dew was gone up, the Manna appeared on the face ofthe Earth -- Numb. 11, 9. When the Dery fell upon the Camp in the night, the Manna fell' upon it :t So Chrift is exhibited" in the Word and Ordinances. Dew is often mentioned as an Expreflion of God's Favour. 1 will be as the Dew unto Octet, Hof. 14. 5. And the Word is compared to Dew, Deut. 32, 2. And it is a hidden Word to force, 2 Cor, 4.. 3, 4 Chrift is therefore" fitly called the hidden Manna, Rev.. 2. 17. We fhould labour to fee Chrift, to get Chrift in the Word, Chrift in an Ordinance ; to gather Manna out of the Dew. 3. They went, and were to go, out of their Tents to gather it. Exod. 16. 16, So we mutt go forth out of our felves out of Sin, and felf, and the Creature, to get Chrift. He that ftays within in his own Tent cannot gather Manna ; yet it is but fteping out of Doors. Oh the Sloth and Negligence of fuck as Perifáh for want of it ! When Manna falls round about our Tents in the Difpenfation of the Gofpel, INhere- in Chrift is offered from Day to Day ! 5.. The Time when they had this Manna, There were many Circum fiances in the tine, that are very fignificant and inftruaing to us. 1. They were to gather it early in the Morning, Exod. 16. 12. The Quails came at Evening, for naturally they flew in the Day time to the Sea, andcane toLand towards night, Numb. 1 1. 31, But Manna came in the Morning, becaufe it fell with the Morning Dew. And the Airrfmortb in Quails are not noted in the Scripture to be a fpiritual nxód, 1,ís. Meat, as Manna is. We fhould feek after Chrift fe9 times, in the Morning of our Lives, with our firft endea- vours, Pfal. "go. 14. Satisfie us in the Morning with thy loving kindnefs. They that feek me early, ¡hall find else, Prov. 8. This fhould be our firft work, Mat. 6. 33. Seek firft the Kingdom of God and the Righteou[ nefs thereof, and then all other things (hall, be fnperadded, and given (as it were) into the bargain. 2. They were to gather itand feed upon it daily, from Day to Day: If they kept it, it putrified and flank, Exod, i 6. 19, 20. it wormed Worms, as the Phrafe is in that Emphatical Language, that is, it bred them abundantly, or crawled full of Worms. A miraculous Judgment for their Unbelief, and Curiofity, and Difobedience. By this daily gathering, tbcy were taught_ to depend upon a daily Providence for, daily