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The Gofpel of the occafional types. 141 daily Bread, as we Pray in theLord's Prayer, Give us this Day our Dai.. ly Bread we fhou1d be content with the prefentSupplies that Pro- vidence cafts in, without inordinate Cares and Thoughts for to Mor- row : Let your Conveyfation be without CovetoMf[refs, and be content with fuck Things as you bave, Heb. i 3. g. Take no thought for to Morrow, Matth. 6. 31, 34 This Paffage may have a further Reference, and be applied unto Chrift, the Myftery of this Type, thus ; that as Manna mutt be daily gathered, daily fed upon, fo mutt Chrift ; we mutt receive him, and be. lieve and feed upon him every Day, or elfe the fweeteft Manna will be- come as rottentiefs, 'and a favour of Death unto Death, unto carnal and formal Profeffors, who fuller Manna to lie by them un-eaten, who fuffer Chrift to lie by them,un-imployed, and un-improved for . Spiri- tual Supplies ; we mull feed upon Cbrift, and receive frofh Supplies fromChrift every Day. 3. They were to gathera double Portion upon the fixth Day, and none upon the Sabbath, Exod, i6.2.3 to 27. By this the Lord taught them to reft upon the Sabbath. This is the fecond Place where the Sabbath is expreílyy mentioned, before the givingof the Law upon Mount Sinai. The firft mention of it is before the Fall of Man, Gen. 2., i, 2. which Thews the Antiquity of the Sabbath : For, that was two Thoufand five Hundred and thirty Years before this, which would be a very vanand ftrange Prolepfis, if it were fo as the Anti-Sabbstarians weakly and foolifhly pretend. And herenow we have a fecond Mention of the Sabbath before that upon Mount Sinai: And it doth not feem by any. Circumftance of the Hiltory, tobe here mentioned as a new Thingun- to them ; but rather as a Duty they formerly knew ; but the Obfervance of it now, anew recommended to them by a very fpecial. Providence. Moreover, they might here learn, That God difpenfetb Ghrif, the true Manna to Believers moft plentifully towards their, latter end ; as he did to Simeon in his old Age,. Luke.z. Chriftians when they grow near the Grave, and near to their eternal Reft, they fhould gather double Manna. Yet further, we may here learn and fee, That after this Life all en- deavours are in vain : If you have not gotten Chrift before, there is no Mannato be rained down then. There be no offers of Grace, noP1 means ofGrace ; then youmutt Pray no more, hear Sermons nomore but there's an end then of all your former opportunities. They went; out to gather, but they found none, ver. 27. So the foolifh Virgins.. asked the wife for Oil, but it was too late, their time was raft. It iss, the cafe of many a Soul. T:h