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The Gofpel of the occafional Types. 45 April 23. 1668, I Cor. X. I I. Now all thefe Things happened unto them for Enfamplea : And they arc written for our Admonition, upon whom the Ends of the World arc come. ASixth Typical Thing amongft themofOld was the Brazen Serpent. The Hillery whereof we have in Numb. 21. 5, 6, 7, 8. The My.. fiery and meaning ofit we have by that infallible Interpreter, our Lord Jefus Chrifl himfelf, in Yohn 3. 14, I/. And fo the paralleling and laying thefe two Scriptures together, the one whereofdeclares the Hiftory of the Type, and the other reveals the Myflery intendedand aimed at therein, will be a great part of my Difcourfe at this time. You fee in the Hiftory there be two things, the bodily Difeafe, and the Remedy. Now this fhadows forth the fpiritual Difeafe, and Remedy for the Soul. I !hall fpeak firfl to the Difeafe, which was the deadly flinging of fiery Serpents, for their Ingratitude and Murmurings againft the Lord. In this Difeafe there was a Shadow of the fpiritual Sicknefs of the Souls of Men. And let it not feem ffrange, that they fhould have a typical Reprefentation of fpiritual Evils : For it hash been former- ly !hewed, when we opened the Nature of a Type, from Rom. 5. 14 that all the Types are not to be reftrained only to the Meflìah's Per- fon, or to his Benefits ; but they had dark and legal Adumbrations under the Old Teftament, of all thofe Things and Truths which are more clearly revealed under the New. That this was indeed a Typical Difeafe, is evident from the coherence that muff needs be between the Difeafe and the Remedy, I mean thus. Such as the Remedy was, fuch was the Difeafe. An outward Remedy fuppofes and implies a bodily Difeafe : A fpiritual Remedy muft needs relate to a fpiritual Difeafe : But the Remedy here was Spiritual and Typical ; for this our Saviour is exprefs, Yohn 3. 14. therefore fo was the Difeafe. Now for the Particulars wherein it was fo. Having this general Ground and Foundation in the Scripture for it : As to the Particulars, we muft beg of God Spiritual Wifdom to accommodate and apply Things rationally and fpiritually, and not in a way of loofe and wanton Wit and Fancy. In the Hope of whole Afliltance, thro' the help of your Prayers, t (ball inftance only in five Particulars of fpiritual Inftru&ion out of thisType, as to the Difeafes of our Souls. H r, That