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144 The Gofpel ofthe occ44onalTypes. order k, That the Waters did ceafe at this time, which had followed them thirty eight Years. Hereupon the People murmur, and their murmuring Caufes Mofes himfelf to nagger at the Promife through Unbelief. Though in this Mofes did mifs it too, for that he (mote the Rock inftead offpeaking to it. But this we may learn from it : Cbrift muff be preached, as well as fafl'er for us ; and in and by the fpeaking and preaching of the Gofpel he Both communicate hisSpirit, Gal. 3.2. Receivedye the Spirit by the Works o f the Laws or by the hearing of Faith-- As Chrift fmitten is the procuring Caufe of fending the Spirit : So Chrift preached is the inftrumental Caufe. 4. There is yet a fourth Analogy in this, that the Rock followed them; either the Rock it felf, or ( as others) the Rock in regard of the Rivers and Streams of Water ifThing from it. Sodoth theSpirit of Chrift follow his People in all their Changes andTravels up and down in the Wildernefs of this World ; when we run from Chrift, he fol- lows us. This Water of the Rock, the Spirit of God, purfues and follows us up and down from Place to Place, and from one Condition to another. I frail clofe with a Three-fold Improvement of this Truth. Vie t. We may here fee that they had the Gofpel preached unto them, as well as we : For this fpiritual Bread was Chrifi, and theRock that followed them was Chrift : If they had not, all that I have preached to Day, and ever fnce I begun upon the Types, is all falfe Marine ; for you know the Scope of all bath been to let you fee what ofChrift, and what of Gofpel Grace and Truthwas held forth under thofe legal Types and Shadows. Vfe 2.. This fhould render Nrus Chrift precious, exceedingprecious to us ; for that he is every way fuitable to our Neceflìties : He is a Rock for Support : He is the Bread of Life, and the Water ofLife, for Food and Nourifhment. Vfe 3. Here is Comfort and Direction to poor,weak,hungry,thirftySouls ; whither to go, and to whom to repair for help and fupply. Here is a Rock and fure Foundation for thy weak and weary Soul to reft up- on ; here is fpiritual Bread, and fpiritual Drink : Therefore feed upon Chrift by Faith, and this will fill thy Hunger, and quench thy Thirft, and nay and fpport thy weary Soul. But thou haft been rebellious, and murmuring, and ueftioning the Truth and Goodnefs of the Lord So was Iliac!. Mofes indeed (tuck at this, and fo could not enter into Canaan. But we Mould believe that there is Water for Rebels.