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150 The Gofpel of theoccaftonal Types. The Lord then appointeda kindof legal Hierarchy and Spiritual Su- premacy of the High Prieft, over all the reft ofthe Priefts and Levites ; theywere to Aáby the appointment of Aaron and his Sons, Numb. q 19. But for one Gofpel Minifter toclaim a Supremacy of Jurisdiction over another Gofpel Minifter, within his own Charge or Congregati- on ; This is that for which we juftly call the Pope Antichrifl: The Lord then appointed the Feaft of Tabernacles, and the :Pafover, and Pentecofl : But for us to keep thefe Feafts now, under the Names of Chriflmas, Eafler, or Whitfuntide, or the like, as the Pope hath taught us to do, it is a far greater Sin then People do imagine ; the retaining of fach legal Shadows being an implicite denyal of the Truth of the Gofpel..; but, Men confider not the meaning of their own AEtions. 7. The laft occafional Typical Thing, which the Lord gave to his Peo ple of Old, was thofe healing Waters ofthe Pool ofBethefda. Which in- deed are not mentioned in the Old Teftament, but in the New, yob?: 5. It was a Miracle ; but yet it had alfo a Symbolical ufe (as many other Miracles had) to lead them from the confederation of earthly Things, unto heavenly Things. Healing Waters are often fpoken of in the Scripture, with a reference to fpiritual healing, as Ezek. 47. I, 8, 9, I t --Lev. 22. I. So Chrift fpeaks ofRivers of Waters flowing out of the Heart of a Believer, Deoh. 7, 38. which cannot be meant of Literal Water, but is meant of Metaphorical and Spiritual Waters ; this inge- sneral. But to unfold the Allegory a little more particularly, that we may fee more fully what Inftru&ions we may learn out ofit. r. Thofe healingWaters of that Pool of Bethefda, may fitly repre- fent the Ordinances ofChrift in the Church; which is indeed Bethefda, an Houle of Mercy : For fo the Word may be interpreted N1011 rn Beth- cbefda, Domus mifericordie, tho' others expound it NritaNtrr3 Domes effufsonis. The Church of Chrift is indeed a Spiritual Hofpital, an Houfe of Mercy to the Sick, to poor difeafed Souls, where there be the choifeft Waters, the Waters of Life, and all other Medicines of Spiritual help and healing. 2. Thehealing Virtue of the Water, may hold forth to us thefpiri- twig Good ofOrdinances, the healing ofour Souls. This is frequentin the ,Scripture, (as was faid before) for bodily healing to Teach and reprefent Spiritual. 3. The motion of the Angel, leads us to take Notice of the éfeäual Operation ofthe Spirit of Chrift, in and by the Ordinances in the time of love. It is not the Means, it is not the Ordinances, but the Angel Of the Covenant by his Spirit, moving and working in them, that heals and dothgood to Souls : TheOrdinances are not effe6tual at all times,