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The Gofpel of the occafional Types. i 5 x times, but only when, and as they are moved and influenced by the Spirit ; for it was a Place much frequented, as appears by the five Porches, and its neernefs to the Temple and the Text faith many_lick lay there. He could have healed all as well as force : Verum ut miracula plum habent finem, ita &mocha's babere debent. Calvin in loc. As when there were fo many dead, and but one raifed, 2 Kings q. 32 So ma- ny Widows, and the Prophet Pent but to one, I Kings 17. 9. Luk. q... 25, 26. Who would have looked for help and healing from troubled Water ? We mutt follow God againft our own Reafon ; the Judgment of Rea- fon is often contrary to the Mind of God, z Kings 5. 10. Naaman thoùght waffling in 7ordan an unlikely Means to recover the Leper Elifha 2 King. 2.20. healeth the Waters by cafting in. Salt, an unlike- ly Means for Salt is wont rather to caufe Barrennefs. The Water heredid it not, for then it would have healed all, and at all times, one as well as another. Chrift Jingles out onewhole conditi on was molt deplorable, his Difeafe inveterate, incurable 38 Years. So he that was born Blind, and had been fo, till he grew up to Man's E-.. ftate, Cap. 9. *_-- So. Lazarus when dead, buriedfour Days, lob. 11.39 The Woman who had been difeafed twelve Tears, Mat. 9. 20. Ano- ther eighteen. Tears, Luk. 13. t 1. 4. Thefe . times were unknown and uncertain to the People. They knew not when the Angel would came to move the Waters. So is the Day of Grace, and the Opportunities of Salvation to Souls : Becaufe Man knoweth not his time, therefore is heJnared in an evil time, when it failed; fud denly upon him, Eccl. 9. 1 i. Ob that thou badit known ! Luk. 19. 41, 42. Therefore, Eccl. 11. 6. In the morning low thy Seed, and in the Even-. ing withholdnot thine Hand; for thou knowft not whether lhall.Profper, ei- ther this or that, or whether they both Thal be alike good. Lay hold .upon.. all Opportunities. g. ThefeExcellent Waters did not heal all, but only him that was put flrft into them. Which was for our Inftruaion, that we might learn to lay hold betimes upon Seafons and Opportunities, for our fpiritual. Good : They that feek me early /baU find me, Prov. 8. 17. Be at Work. for God and your Souls betimes, left you come too late. 6. Chrift asks him verf. 6. Wilt thou be made whole? He prevents bimbe.. fore he expreffed any delire to Chrift ; not as tho' Chrift were lino-. rant of his delire, but to excite and ftir up delire and Expeaation in. him ; and to ftir up the Attention of thofe who were providentially. prefent at that time, that they might mind and take Notice o£ the Miracle, Verf. 8. lefus faith to him, rife, take up thy . cd and Walk. . He could"..