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54 The Gofpel of the occafional Types. I mutt delre you to remember thefe Three Things, and to carry them along with you in all that fhall be laid. Thefe Typical Anions may be referred to Two Head. I. Typical Deliverances ofGod's People. 2. Typical DefiruGion of Enemies. Which, though they might be handled together ; yet for the greater Clearnefs and DiftinFtnefs we may confider them feverally. r. ,There were typical Mercies, Deliverances, Pre ervations of his People of Old, which happened to them in Types, and are writtenfor our In- firuíiion, upon whom the ends ofthe World are come. The Lord intended thofe ancient Difpenfations to be Types and Patterns, and Pledges of what he intended to do for his People in the latter Days. There be many fignal Inftances thereof, in the Rory of the Old Teftament. I might here inftance in the Lord's proteaing Providence over the Fa- thers and Anceftors of that People, viz, Abraham, Ifaac and 7acob, in all their fojournings and journeyings to and fro at the Call of God, Pfal. 105. I2, 13, rq. Y 5.. Whenfew in Number, and in the twin ofEne- mies, He fuffered no Man to do them harm, mentioned as the firft great and fpeaking Example, how the Lord would protest his People in all future Times : But to let pats the Prefidents given in particular Pertons, and to inftance only in fach Difpenfations as befel that whole People. There were fix famous Difpenfations of Providence, which hap- pened unto them in Types, and are written for our Ingrid-lion upon whom the Ends of the World are come. r. Their Deliverance out of Egypt. 2. Their Paffage through the Red Sea. 3. Their Marching through the Wildernefs. 4. their Pafl'age through the River 'ordan under'ofhua's Condua. 5. Their Entrance into Canaan. 6. Their Deliverance out of Babylon. 1. Their Deliverance out of Egypt ; The Hiftory whereof is recorded inthe Book of Exodus : And may be typically applied three Ways. r. Vnto Chrift himfelf. And fo it is exprefly in Matth. 2. 15. It is quoted out of Hof. i i. T. Thefe Words are fpoken by the Prophet Hofea, concerning the Deliverance of that People out of Egypt : But this beiñg typically done to the Members of Chrift, was in the full in- tent of it accomplifht in Chrifi, the Head, and Antitype And there- fore is fo applied by Matthew. Look as Ifrael, in the Infancy of that People went down into Egypt, and God brought them forth, again So. Chrift in his Infancy fled thither, and the Lord called him back againa 2. Here