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The Gofpel of the occafional Types. 155 I. Here was alto a Shadow and Reprefentation of our fpiritual De.. liverance, out of Spiritual Bondage and Mifery under Sin and Satan and the World, in an unregenerate Elate, unto the State of Grace and Glory. The Scripture hinteth this unto us, in that it doth ex- prefly apply the Terminus ad quem of their Deliverance Myfiicaly and Allegorically Therefore the Terminus a quo was alfo Myftical and Al- legorical for there is the fame reafon of both. We made ufe of the like Demonftration before, upon the fiery Ser- pents : So here, fuch as the Rest was, fuch was their Bondage : But the State they were brought into, was a State Of typical Reft and Peace in Canaan, which is made a Type of another Country, even of 1-lea- ven it felt, Heb. t a. i 6. Heb. 4. 8, 9. Joshua did not give them Re. : But there remaineth a farther refi to the Feople of God. If their Reft in Canaan was a Type of Spiritual and Heavenly Reft ; Then their Bon- dage in Egypt was a Type of Spiritual Bondage. Sin ( as fome have well faid) is indeed the Egypt of the Soul, upon. all Accounts : Temptations to it, A&ings in it, Troubles for it, are its Houfe of Bondage and Vexation. We are all by Nature in a Condition of fpiritual flavery to Sin and Satan, as Ifrael was in out- ward flavery to their Egyptian Task - Mailers : And the Lord redeems us Spiritually, as he did them literally. Hence in the Pre ace to the Ten Commandments, which are moral and perpetual, the Lord faith to us, and to all his People, as well as to them : I am the Lord thy God which brought thee forth out of the Land of Egypt, out of the Houfe of Bon- dage. He redeemeth us out of another and worfer Egypt. You may fee the Analogy a little more particularly in Four Things. i. They were under very cruel Bondage. The Egyptians made them to ferve with Rigor, Exod. r. rq.. They mutt make Bricks : The Monu- ments whereof are thought by force to be the Pyramids. So jofephus Reports. Though fame obje& that the Pyramids are not made ofBrick. To which it may be anfwered, That what manner of Brick that was which the Ifraelites made, cannot be now determined and found out, any more than what Materials the Pyramids were made of. Yea, they muff make Bricks without Straw, an unreafonable piece of Rigor and Tyranny : And their Male-Children were to be drowned : A Law the_moft barbarous and inhumane that ever was then aaed amongf Men : Which how long it flood in Force, the Scripture expreffeth not. The Jews have a Tradition, that it was Ten Months : But whe- ther it were a longer or a fhorter Time, in this blackeft Time and Midnight of their Oppreflion Mofes was born, who afterwards deli- vered them. But a molt bloody and barbarous Law it was : And X a which