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TheGofptfl of the occafional Types. yoi they brake out into open Oppofition : And again in the New Te- fiament, Yohn 4. 9. whereby it appears that they did believe and ex. pea the Coming, as well as the yews, John 4. 20. and a- gain, Rev. 3.9. they are there defcribed. The Sum is, they had a 'kind of mongrel Religion made up partly of Judaifm, and partly of Paganifm. So nor, when the Church of God under the New Teftament is coming forth out of Spiritual Babylon : There is a mongrel Genera- tion rifen up, whom force have fitly called Calvino-Papifias, Calvinian Papigt, who are for the Proteflant Doarine, and for Popifh Worfhip. 1 refer it to every ones Confcience, to judge, whether it may not be fitly applied to our late Innovators, who are for a Linfey-woolfey Religi- on, a mixture of found and wholfome Doárïne, with Antichriftian Popifh Worfhip ; their Wine, is mixt with Water; the Proteftant Faith, with Popifh Ceremonies and Superftitions : They build Hay and Stubble upon the Foundation. The Foundation of our Church is right, which is Nfu's ChriTh, and /u/tification by Faith in his Blood : But the Snperftrudure, they build upon_ it, is Humane Inventions and Super- ftitions : Which is not Gold and Silver, pure Worfhip, and whole- fome Difcipline ; but Hay and Stubble, and the Day will difcover it, a Cor. 3. 2. Typical Vengeance and Defurullion upon the Enemies of God's People. For as the Yews were n typical People, and did prefigure and repre- fent the whole Church of God under theGofpei : So the Neighbour- Nations with whom theyhad todo, were alfoTypical of Gofpel- Enemies to the Church : And their Sins and Judgments, did prefigure and fhadow forth fomething Analogous under the NewTeftament. I (hall refer them to two forts. Typical Prefiguration. i. Of Rome. 2, Of Hell it felf. i . Types of Rome. There be five Places and People in the Old Te- flament, that feem to be Trpes of Rome and Antichriftian Abomina- tions. r. Sodom, Rev. 'II.$. for their monftrous Lufts, and unnatural fil- thinefs and uncleannefs. 2. Egypt, for their Idolatry, and cruelty toGod's People: There- fore the Plagues of Rome are defcribed with allufion to the Plagues of Egypt, Rev. 16. Here are noifome Boyles, and Rivers of Blood, and Darknefs, and Locufts, &c. 3. fericho. Hence that Curfe of Yofhua upon the Rebuilders of it, Yofh. 6. 26, 27. This City was thefirii that flood out against the Peo- Y pie