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111101 16o The Gofpel of the occajional Types. fented hi.mfelfthe true Pafcbal Lamb to be flain for us ; and encountring with the fweilings of Yordan, the whole Confluence of the Wrath of God, and the Skis and Sorrows of all his Elect ; he Bath opened a Paf- fage for them through the midft of Gordan, as it were, into the Land of their Eternal Refl. 5. And fo this brings me to theFifth typical DifpenfationofProvidence to them of Old,. viz. Their Entrance into Canaan under the leading and conduct-I of the fame Jofhua, who had led them through fordan. The 1liftory whereof is themain Subjea of the Book ofYofhua. TheMyficry of this Difpenfation is plain and obvious. Canaan was a Typeof Hea- ven ; it fhadowed forth another and a better Country, that is an heaven- ly, Heb. i 1. 16. Their Reft in the Promifed Land fhadowed forth ano- ther Reft remaining for the People ofGod, Heb. q.. 8, 9. Thefe things were partly fpoken to, when we were upon the Perfona.l Types, where we fpake ofYo(hua as a Type of Chrift, the true Jefus or yofhua. 6. -The laft typical Deliverance that I (hall mention, is their delive- rance out oftheir captivity in Babylon. Their Bondage in Babylon was. a Type offpiritual Bondage, their Deliverance, a Type of fpiritual deli- verance by Cbrift, and of his railing up his fpiritual Kingdom. Hence it is obfervable, that the Prophets, when fpeaking of that Recovery from Babylon, they pats from that to Chrift, and our fpiritual Reftora- tion through him : And they fpake more Magnificently of that, than was fulfilled in the Letter and Hiftory ; and they often intermix Paffa- ges that are plainly and undeniably meant of Chrift, and of his fpiritu- al Graceand Kingdom, of which that Temporal Deliverance was but a Tafte and Type. See yer. 32. 36, 37, 40, 41. alfo yer. 33. r 5, 16. See Calvin, and in very many other Places, the Prophets fäl1 lead the in lot. People from that to Chrift, in whom all the Promifes and Prophecies are fully and perfectly accomplifht. Moreover, Babylon was a Type of Rome ; and confequently their deliverance out of Babylon, a Type ofthe Churches deliverance in the Tew Teftament from under the Yoke of Antichrift : and the Circum- ítances alfo agree. a. That it was a gradual Work ; for force came back with Zerobabel, others afterwards with Ezra, and others laftly with Nehemiah r So is the Reformation out of Popery. Theaft Reformers were not infallible ; therefore could not reform all things at once. z. It met with much Oppofition, and was carried on through great difficulties; and of all their Enemies, the Samaritans did molt Obftruct them, of whom you read 2Kin. 17. that they ferved the Lord, and other Gods. And Ezrag. 1, 2. when thefe Qdverfaries were rejected, then they