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THE TYPES OR FIG U RE S OF THE OLD-TESTAMENT. BY WHICH Chrift and the Heavenly Things of the Gofpel were Preached, and Shadowed to the People of God of Old. Hebrews IV. ii. For unto us was the Gofpel Preached, as well as unto them : But the word Preached dad not Profit them, not being mixed with Faith in them that heard it. 23. Mar. i 666. TH E Scope of this Epiille, is to perfwade them to perfevere in their Chriflian Profeflion, and not to fall off to yudaifm, from the Gofpèl to the Law. To this end, he Pets before them the Excellency of the Gofpel above the Lam, the Excellency of Chriff above Mofes. In the Profecution whereof, he inferts many B wholeforae