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2 The Gofpel Preachedunder the Old wholernme Exhortations, and Applications of thefe former Truths; and Difpenfations of Old to us in Gofpel Times : And, having from Pfalm the 95th fpoken of their being fhut out of God's refl., becaufe of their Unbelief, in Cap. 3. 18. And to whom fware be that they fhould not enter into bis reft, but to them that believed not ? He applies this, Cap. 4. Let Ns therefore fear, left a promift being left us of entring into his reft, any ofyou Mouldfeem to come (bon of it And inforceth this Caution,. by paralleling their State with ours in the Words of the Text. For un- to us was the Gofpel preached, as well as unto them. You fee how the Text comes hi as an inforcement of that Exhortati- on, take heedoffalling fhort ofentring into reft,feeing the Gofpel is preach- ed unto us as it was unto them, and it became unprofitable unto them, betaufe they did not take heed of that Sin which is here dehorted from, even the Sinof Vnbelief. In the Words are three Propofitions. I. The Gofpel was preached both under the Oldand New Teftament ; to them as well as to us ; to us as well as them. TheApolUe joins thefe to- gether, unto us, as well as unto them. 2. Therebe lame, who tho' they hear the Gofpel, yet do not profit by it Theyare but high-way ground, Roily ground, thorny ground hearers, as Matti], 3. The Word may be preached to many that live under the clear and powerful Difpenfations of the Gape], yet they not profit by it. There is but one fort of good Ground, of fruitful bearers: Many there are to whom the Gofpel is Preached, but they hear it and unprofitably. 3. The main Caufe of this unprofitablenefs under the Gofpel is their Vnbe- lief. The Reafon of unfruitfulnefs and barrennefs under the preaching of the Gofpel, is want of Faith in them that hear it. The Word didnot profit them, not being mixed with Faith. Unbelief is theCaufe of this un- profitablenefs. Many complain of their own unprofitablenefs, and take no Motice of the Caufe of it. It is for want of Faith. It is the fiat of thefe three that I defign to ('peak unto, the Lord affifting. Doan i. The Gofpel was preached to them under the Old Teltament, as well as to us under the New. I put it fo , as belt fuiting with the Scope I intend. The Apoftle here fuppofeth it as a known and granted Truth, that they had the Gofpel ; and he adds, that we have it too, as well as they : But that they had it, he fuppofeth it as a Thing beyond all queftion ; as a Thing received, and believed, and underftood amongft them, and that needed no difpute. For unto us was the Gofpel preached as well as unto them.. As if he fhould fay, no doubt it was preach'd to them, and fo it is to us alfo, Gal. 3. 8. And the