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6 The Gofpel Predchédunder the Old fake, that is, for the Lord Jefus Chrift's fake. Hence they did fo often make mentionof Abraham, Ifaac, 7acob, (as being the Types of Chrift) in their Prayers, and efpecially of David, For thy Servant David's fake, Pfal. 89. not as refting in David literally ; but looking beyond the fhadow, unto him that was the Truth thereof ; for by David they meant Chria : Chrift is oft called by that Name, becaufe David was fo Eminent a Type -of him, And what is it in Chrift that procures all thefe Bleffings in the Gofpel for us ? Ít is his Blood and Satisfafìion that atones Juftice; his Prayers and Interceffion that prevail with Mercy for us ; and fo it was of Old Both thefe had an influence into their Mercies, as well as ours. t. The Death and Blood and Satisfa&ion of Jefus Chrift. This all their Sacrifices pointed at. For it was impo/ble that the blood of Bulls and Goats fhould take away fins. Heb. to. q.. Yet it fantified to the purify- ing of theflefh : How much more fhaü the blood of Chrift, &c. Heb. 9. 53, 14. See how clearly the Prophet Ifaiab preacheth this, Ifai. 53. throughout the Chapter, but look efpecially to ver. to. When thou (halt make hisfoul an offering for fin, he (hall fee bis feed, he fhall prolong his days : And the pleafure of the Lord ¡hall profper in bis hand. This was the Myftery of all the Sacrifices wherein Blood was flied : They were Types and fhadows of the Blood ofChrift. 2. His Prayers and Interceffions. For, look, as Mercy is Purchafed by the Merit of his Death, fo it is communicated and applied thro' the Vertue of his Interceon : Juftice is fatisfied by his Death, and Mercy intreated in his Intercefon, and foboth thofe great Attributes are ac- knowledged and glorified in Zech. t. i2. Tben the Angel of the Lord, that is, ,Jefus Chrift the Angel of the Covenant that appeared, he an- fwered and faid, how long wilt thou not have Mercy on Jerufalem, and on the Cities of Judah, againfi which thou haft had indignation thefe threefcore and tenyears And the Lord anfwered the Angel that talud with me, with goodwords, and with comfortable words, ver. 13. here the prevailing pow- er of his Intercefïìon is fet forth. And as the Merit of his Blood was Ihadowed by the Sacrifices ; fo the Efficacy of his Interceflion was fhadowed forth by the Incenfe and Sweet Odours offered up to God under the Law. Thefe related to the Prayers of Jefus Chrift ; he offers Incenfe with the Prayers of the Saints, Revel. 8. 3, q.. And another Angel came and flood at the Altar, having a Golden Cenfer; and there was given unto him much Incenfe, that he fhotild offer it with the Prayers of all Saints upon the Golden Altar which was before the Throne. And the fmoke of the Incenfe which came with the Prayers of the Saints, afcendedup before God out ofthe Angels hand. They