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Tefárnent, as well as under the New. 7 They had therefore both the fame Gofpel-bleflings, and upon the fame Gofpel account, as we, namely, from the nicer Mercy of God, thro' the Mediationof Jefus Chrift, thro' his Death and Interceflion. Real: 2. A fecond Argument might be taken from an Fiiftorical Indu- (lion ofall thofe former times, and the feveral Gofpel Difcoveries which the Lord vouchfafed to them all along from time to time. As to Adam in Paradife after his Fall. The Gofpel was preached to him in that great and bleffed Promife, that the Seed of the Woman fhould break the Serpents head. This was the firft Gofpel Sermon that ever was preached. Afterwards to Abraham the Gofpel was preached, Gal. 3. 8. when it was promifed that in thyfeedfhall all the Nations ofthe World be bief ed, and in Ifaac fhall thy feed be called. To Mofes, and by Mofes to Ifrael, when the Lord laid, I am the Lord thy God that brought tbeeforth out of the Landof Egypt : For he was a Ty- pical Mediator. There were yet further Difcoveries in David's time : Chrift is the true David. Thus I might go through the whole Old Teftament, and thew: you how the Lord from time to time made further and further difco- veries of himfelf to his people in fucceeding ages. 8eaf. 3. Either the Gofpel was preachedunto them of old, or elfe it will follow, that they were all damned, or elfe that they were faved without Chrifl; which to imagine were infinitely derogatory and difho- norable to the Lord Jefus Chrift. The Fathers before the coming of Chrift were faved and went to Heaven. But without Chrift there is no falvation. For there is noother name under heaven, &c. Aas. 4. 12. It is impoflible that any Sinner fhould be faved without Chrift. 2ui falutem cuiquam promittit fine Chrijlo, nrfcio amide falutem babere poteft in Chriflo, Aufiin. He that promifeth any man Salvation without thrift, I know not whether he can have Salvation by Chrift. By the works of the Law (hall no flefb be juflified or faved, Rom. 3. 20. Gal. 2. 16. Yefiss Chrift therefore is the fame yeflerday, and to day, andfor ever, Heb. i3. 8. that is, in all times and ages : And fo we may apply it thus ; Ye fterday under the Law, to day under the Gofpel, and for ever, Jefus Chrift is the only Saviour. Therefore if the Old Teftament Saints were Paved, it was by Chrift, and if by Chrift, they had the Cofpel preached to them as well as we. So we fee the Truth of the Do&rine. Obj. r. But why do we call it the Old Tcitament, if it was Ga. pd.?