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i T, e aofpel°Preached under the 011 4. It was a burthenfome Difpenfation, Arts 15.1o. a Yoke which neither our Fathers, nor we, were able to bear. Their Services were an infupporta- ble Yoke, an intolerable But then, both as to their number and nature: They had a great number of external Obfervations, from all which. the Gofpel hath fet as free. 5. The manner of Adminifïration was legal, in regard of the Bon- dage and Terror of it. It left impreflions of terror upon their fpirits. God appeared in fuch dreadful Majefty unto them on Mount Sinai, as Ihook: the Mountain, and fhcok all their Hearts, fo terrible was it that Mofes faid, 1 exceedingly fear and quake, Heb. 12. 2t. fo terrible to all the people, that they wied that God mould never fpeak unto them imme- diately any more, V. 19. fo the Lord gave an Interpreter to reveal and.. fpeak the Mind of God unto them ; and fo it hash been ever fince. Hence was that Speech of Aultin ; Frevis differentia Legi,s err Evangelii,, timor v amor, the difference between Law and Gofpel in brief is Fear and Love. Thus you fee the Doftrine cleared up, and fo much shall ferve for the clearing up this Truth, and removing thefe Objeaions againft it. We thall conclude with two or three words of Z)fe. Ofe 1. Incouragernent to ftudy the Old Teftament, and the Types andSha- dows of the Law. Is it fo that the Gofpel was preached to them under. the Old Teftament, as well as to under the New ? We fee then the . ufefulnefs of the Old Teftament to New-Teftament Saints We fee what ufe there is of fearching into thefe ancient Difpenfarions. Will you fearch into the Myftery of the Gofpel ?: Then confider how God and taught them of old. There are force Gofpel Truths Eminently and exprefiyy revealed and mentioned to them ofold, as that of Forgivene/s of Sins, &c. Therefore let us fearch into thofe ancient Adminiftrations, becaufe there is much Gofpel there ;. tho' the Shell be hard, yet there is excellent Subftance in the Kernel. Vfe 2. Dïreaion how to attain to the underftanding of thofe My- !aeries ; ftudy the Gofpel For it was Gofpel that was prLached'to them. Ft dus grati e claws toti s Scripture. Vfe 3. We may here learn another leffon, which wife Agrir learned. (and it was his wifdom) to know that he wanted Wifdom, Prov. 3o. 2, 3. Many, coming to read Chapters in the Levitical Law, are apt to think; this is a-fealed Book, we are not to bring thefe Offerings to God now, we know not what -ufe to .make of it : Many Chriftians make no, more ufe ofthem, than of Apocrypha. This may fhemus our ignorance. For there is no part of the Scripture but is of ufe ; we might fee much of God, and of the Gofpel in them, if we had skill to fearch out the meaning