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Tetament, as well as ruder the New. It was dark, but the Gofpel is clear : all things were involved in thick and dark fhadows Tho' there was a Light in that Mofaical Pida- Bogy, which did appear and thine forth into the Minds of God's Elea, yet withal there was a Cloud of Darknefs, as to the outward Admini- ftration, efpecially if compared with the Difpenfation of the GofpeI 4ince the coming of Chrift. There was and 'is a double ufe of Types and parables, and of that whole way of Argument by Similitude and Comparifons : They do both darken and illuftrate : If explained and underflood, they do exceed- ingly enlighten and illuftrate ; but if not explained, they are like a Riddle, they caft a dark mitt and cloud upon the thing. So was the Law of Mofes to all thofe that were not inftru&ed by the Spirit to underftand the Myftery of it. The Reafon and Meaning of it was hidden to the molt of them ; hence a Vail is laid to be upon their Hearts, that they could not fee to the end of that which is aboli(hed, &c. a Cor. 3. i3, 14, &c. as-the Apoftle there difcourfeth at large. 2. It was weak, but the Gofpel is powerful, 2 Cor. 3. therefore that is called the Letter, this the Spirit. 3. There was much of external Pomp and Splendor, but little of that Power and Spirituality that is in Gofpel-worfhip Tho' that Pomp and Splendor were very pleafing to the people, yet upon this account partly the Apoftle calls them carnal Ordinaxces, Heb. 9. i o. and a worldly San- (tuary, ver. i. becaufe they confifted fo much in outward, low, fenfi- ble things, fo fuitable to the relifh, delire, and difpofition of a carnal Heart. Therefore the carnal Jews were very tenacious of thefe ex- ternals of Mofes,tho' defperately averfe to the things themfelves included and intended in them. Chrift oppofeth their local Worfhip to fpiritu al Worfhip, Yoh. 4. 21, 23. implying it was not fo fpiritual as Gofpel- woríhip. The carnal Jews did turn it into meer Law and Works by their abufe and mifunderftaning of it. As the Pharifees ; bow' did they truft in outward Works, and expe&ed Salvation by their own Righteoufnefs? They retied and fat down in the Shell and outfrde of things Rom. 9. 32. As it were by the Works of the Law. For they had no real legal PerfeEion in them ; but only in their own proud and falfe Conceit, they thought the bringing of a Sacrifice was that, which did expiate Sin, and Merit and deferve Acceptance with God They did not look beyond all, to the meer Mercy and free Grace of God in Chrift ; they did not look to the end of things, to the time of le- formation which was to come, and fo they Rumbled at the Rumbling- 4 lt s