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20 The-Gofpel Preached zeizder the Old fpake, were, not difcompofed to fuch a degree, even to ferry anïl Diftraalon yet they were always debated and brought down below themfelves. The Lord's Prophets were railed above themfelves: Thefe were depreffed even below themfelves by dealing with Satan. 3. TheProphets and Servants ofGod bad an inward Seal from God- of the Truth of what they fpake. Not unlike that new Name in the white Stone, hahich none could read but he that bad it, Revel. 2. t 7. ° Jer. r r. r8. --- They believed, andtherefore fpake, 2 Cor. 4. 13. See Ifai, 52.6. My people (hall know, that I am he that doth [peak, behold it tis I. The true Prophets were no Scepticks ; they were as fure of what they Paid, that it was the Mind ofGod, asMinifters are now, when they preach the Gofpel, r Joh, r. 1, 2. On thecontrary, thofe by whom Satan fpake, either knew, that they were acedby the Devil, as the Witch at Endor ; Or elfe were de- luded by him to think it was God ; or elfe knew not, but were un- certain in themfelves. 4. They had alto force of thofe ordinary Rules of rryal that we have now. As for inftance. If God confute them by the event, Deut. 18. 21, 22. or if it correfpond with the event ; yet if it be contrary to the Fundamentals of Religion. See Deut. 13. r, 2, 3. Or if they be wicked men on the one fide, and the Prophets of the Lord on the other-- - This gave forceglimmerings of Light toYehofaphat, a King 22.. 7. They wereBaalites, pretenders indeed to7ebovah; but fuperftitious wretches ; therefore he couldnot acquiefce in what they had Paid. Qseff. 2. Whether Thefe ways of Difcovery be now ceafed, yea or no? Anfw. As to that, the Text is plain enough : That inftead of all thofe divers manners ufed by God of old, he bath now fubftituted inftead thereof this one and only way of revealinghimfelf, viz, in and by his Son. And his Son fpeaks by his Word and Ordinances ; as alfo by the Works ofhis Providence; in all which his Spirit breaths : Therefore there we are to meet with God, and to hear his Voice, and there only to ex- pea it. Thefe old things are vanifhed away. Some think there be forcefootfteps of them to this day. See a notable lnitanceofInformation by a Dream, in the Lifeof Zuinglius Melcb. Adam. P. 43. And of a Vifron in Melan7bon on Daniel ro. But, r. Such things are altogether extraordinary : The Lord goes out of his ordinary courfe, when he doth fuch things ; they are not the ftanding ways that God bath appointed under theGofpel ; therefore they are not tobe expeáed or trued to. 2. They are only to be regarded in the way of aProvidence ; not in the way ofan Ordinance; and to be tryed and judged by the Matter of them, as .nreeing or difagreeing with the Scripture. As if a man in a Drea havm e