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Tefament, in divers Manners. 2 ì have fome Duty, Tome Scripture-truth brought to him, he is to obferve and accept the Providence of God in it : Or if he find a ftrong impulfe or motion of the Spirit in his Heart, whereby fome Truth or duty is ftr -ngly imprefs'd and fet upon his Heart; Let him examine it by thb Scripture, and if the Scripture fay it is a Duty, he is to look at that internal motion and impreflion, as a motion of the Spirit of God; elfe pot. Vie I. See the variety of God's Wiflom and Goodnefs to his people ; that he bath fo many ways revealed himfelf to them. Vfe 2. We may fee fomething of the lownefs of that legal Dipenfation, from this which hath been lid ; that the Lord fpake in fuckdivers man- ners. Vfe 3. Blefs God for the days wherein we live, and for the Difpenfation we are under. It is much clearer and better. For it is by bis Son, fpeak- ing by his Word, working and breathing by his Spirit. The Light Mines much clearer. We fee that which many Kings and Prophets and Righ- teous men have deßred tofee, and havenot feen ; as Matth. t 3. 17. Luke io. 24. Chrift fpake it to his Difciples then, but it holds true co;cerningall the Saints under the New Teftament. It is true ; there 1,N3 a Cloud ofAntichriftian Darknefs did arife, which did exceedinglyobcureGof- pel- light. But that Cloud was never fo dark, but that the Elea of Goddid fee through it in fome meafure. Moreover the Lord hath be- gun todifpel and fcatter thole Clouds of Antichriftian Darknefs, and will in time fcatter them from offthe face of the earth. 2. We are now to fpeak to the fecond Word, thefe Sun- 27 June dry Times. Having !hewed the divers Manners of the Lords fpeaking to his People of Old, we are now to thew the divers times, or feafons, wherein he did it. For he fpake not only fommehnes, but no7wuhecas, by piece-meal, not all at once, but here a little, and there a little; fitft augg pieceofhis Mind was difcovered at one time,then another peice at another time ; firft a little Light brake forth, fome dar- ker hints and intimations, then further and clearer Difcoveries and Ma- nifeftations by degrees. In the opening of this we (hall have occafion to run through fome general heads of the Hiftoryof the Church throughout the Scripture, till the coming of Jefus Chrift. And it is an Inquiry both ufeful and profitable, and alto pleafant and delightful to an inquifitive Mind; to view the fiveral ftates of Religion, and of the Church of God in the feveral ages of the World. Under every one of which we (hall have occafion to take notice bothof God's Manifeftations,and ofmens Departures from