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T O T H E R ÉSPECIALLY Thofe of that C HUR C H, which this Author was fometime P ! T hi VERT Church k by the Ordinance of Chrift a Pillar of faving Truth, holding it forth to befeen and read of all Men; the Teachings and Ordinances admini- fired inChurches being among thechief of the Ways, whereby the bleffed God inflrucas and enlightens a dark World in the way of Eternal Life. Theft following Difcourfes are part, and but part ofthole many precious Truths andTeachings held forth by this Servant of Chrifl, in the courfe ofabout teen Tears Minry, in that Candleflick in which the Lordmade him aThin- ing Light. TheProphets donot live for ever; but their Words and Fruit fhould, yea will live and remain after they are gone to their everlafling Refl. Not long after this Author had gone thro' this Subjeci, God took him to Heaven, (when he wanted above fix Months of beingfix andforty Tears old)hy an Impoflhume in hisLiver ; which as Some who were converfant with himjudged, hung upon himwhen heflu- died and preached theft Sermons ; andwhich perhaps was the Rea.. fins, that from the beginning to the jnifhing ofthenfo long afpace ran out. Having no more time to review them, and make any Ad- ditions unto the Notes that he prepared for Preaching, they are left perfell then otherwife theywould; and it is not unlike, but that ma- ny thingsfludied by him before-hand, and delivered in Preaching, efpecially in the Applicatory part (wherein he had an Excellency) are loft, becaufe not writtendown by himfelf. Had he lived tohave A reviewed