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To the READER. reviewed andprepared there Difcourfes for the Preft, it is like he would have fpoken to and cleared up fome Things more fully 5 and perhaps, onfecond thoughts, have inforte Paffages deliveredhintfelf fotnewhat otherwife. t It is not expeCted that every one, much lef critical and capti- our Heads, will fubfcribe to every thing which theymayhere meet with. .Info difufe and vajl, andwithal fo obfcure aSubjecJ, and fo untrodden a Path, it is no wonder ifevery one will not tread in full the fameReps with him for there are f me Thingswherein he departs from the Sentiments offorce other learned and judi.. dolls Perfons. His making force of the old legal Ordinances Types of the inlituted Church, and Ordinances under the NewTeflament and our Ordinances the Antitypes of theirs, it may be Some may not ofnt unto, following therein Ames Prol. inPf. 2. and Mr. Jeans, who (Exam. Exam. p. 241.) cites Chamier tom. 4. 1. 9. c. xi. Se&. x3. 15. pag. 515. Tilenus Syntag. Part. ult. Difp. 63. Sea. 12. Ames. Bellarm. Enerv. tom. 3.1.4. c, 7. to which he might have added thofe Words ofhis tom. 3. iib.I. cap... T1ief i3. and lib. 2. cap. 4.Thef. 4. But Others there are who go with this our Author. See Bezá on I Cor. io. 6. and on 1 Pet. 3. 27. and Mr. Cotten,Holinefs ofChurch-Members,cap.2. feét. ï 2.and 13. Not to mention anyof theSchoolmen, or the elder Writers among Chriftians, who are veryfrequent and very exprefs to this Purpofe. Nor can it be denied that there is a common Nature wherein their Inflitntions and ours agree, the one king a Shadow or darker A- dumbration, the other amore lightfome and lively Image ofthe fame Things. And it is beyond allContraditíion,that the HolyGhofi him- fe f lothfrequently inftruíl us in our Duty,wirh reference toour In- Jututions, from theirs under the Old Tefament,with relation to their typical Ordinances. Asfor his callingour In itutions theAntitypes to theirs, tho' there fhould be a Truth in that Obfervation, Theo- logi Grxci Typum&Antitypum promifcuèufurpant pro iifdem, pro re fignificatl nunquam. Jodoc.Laren. apud Twiít Animadv. in Cory. Def. Armin. cont. Tilen. pag. 280. yet there is afirm andproper Acceptation of the Word,wherein it may befaid,that our Inftitutions are the .Antitypes oftheirs: vid. Jun. Animadv. inBell. Contr. 3, lib. x. cap. 9. not. 25. and in that Senfe the HolyGhof asfeth