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The Gofpel of theperfonal Types. 5x 18 july, 1667. Romans 5. 14. ___ Adam, who was the Figure of Him that was to come. HAT theGofpel was preached to them under the Old Teftament, as well as to us under the New; and that it was revealed to them in feveral ways and manners of Difcovery ; and in a gradual way, in fe- veral pieces and parcels, hath been formerly (hewed. One fignal In- fiance we gave of thofe divers ways and manners was this, That the Gofpel was preached to them of oldby legal Types and Ceremonies. Now concerning thofe (not to infift upon the Analyfis of the Chapter) the Text gives you this Doctrine. Doer. That the Lordwas pleated in his infinite Wifdom to defign and or- daincertain perfons under the Old Teftament, to be Types or Figures of the Me/ab, who was tocome. It will be requifite here, 1. Toexplain theNature of a Type, toPhew youwhat a Type is. z. The Reafons why the Lord fpake in this way. 3. To come to a more particular Diflribution and Enumeration ofthem. 1. For the Nature of a Type. For the opening of this, becaufe it is a Subject both difficult and ufeful to be rightly underftood, and will give light to all that follows to be fpoken upon the Types ; I fhall there- fore. 1. Giveyou a brief Defcription of aType. 2. Some Rules for thebetter underftanding of them. 3. The Differences andAgreements between a Type and other things of like nature. 4. The Names and Phrafes by which it is exprefred in Scripture. r . For the Defcriptionofa Type, what it is. I (hall content my felf with the Apoflles Definition of it : That a Type is a Shadowof good things to come, Hebr. to. i . The Law having a Shadowofgood things to come, Col. 2.17. Which are a Shadow of things to come, but the Body is ofChrifi. There be three things included in this Defcription. i. There is force outwardor fenfible thing, that reprefents foine other higher thing. 111 z z, Thera