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12 The Gofpel oftheperfonal Types. 2. There is the thing reprefented thereby, which isgood things to come, which we call the Antitype. 3. There is the mark of the Type, which is to fhadow forth or repre. fent thefe futuregood things. r . There is in a Type forne outward or fénfible thing, that reprefents anhigher fpiritual thing, which may be called a Sign or a Refemblance, a Patternor Figure, or the like. Here is the general Nature of a Type; it is aShadow. l.t bath been the Goodnefs and Wifdom of God in all times and ages, to teach Mankind Heavenly things by Earthly ;.(piritual and invifible Things, by outward and vifible ; as Yob. 3. 12. 2. There is the thing fhadowed or reprefented by the Type, And what is that ? Things to come, faith the Apoftle, Col. z. 17. and good things ro come, Hebl, to. I. Thegood things ofthe Gofpel, Chrift and his Benefits ; but the-Body is of Chrift, as Col z. 17. This we call the Corre. late, or the Antitype ; the other is the Shadow, this the Subftanee: The Type is the Shell, this the Kernel ; the Type is the Letter, this the Spi. rit and Myftery ofthe Type. This we are ftill to look at, and to fearch into in every Type ; we muff look beyond the Shadow, to the Sub. Rance , to theTruth and Myftery of it : And this is Chrift and theGof, pel, as future, and hereafter to be exhibited. This may be called the Prototype, or the Pattern, out of which, and according to which the other is drawn; as Piaures from the Man, whole Vifage they repre. fent. 3. This Defcription holds forth the Work of the hype, which is to íjiadowforth the Antitype. But what is thisfhadowing? And how do Types fhadow ? It is a metaphorical expreffion. A Shadow reprefents the proportion of the Body, with its atuions and motions ; though it doth it but obfcurely anddarkly. So the Types had fome dark refemblance of Chrift and his Benefits, and did force way adumbrate and reprefent them, and hold themforth unto his People, to enlighten and inform their Underhand- ings, and to ftrengthen and confirm their Faith in him : The Types had this Voice and Language ; Such an One (hall the Me/ flab be, He is thus to ad, and thus to Pifer for you. Thus you have the Defcription of a Type. It is a fhadow ofgoad things to come : Or if you would have it more at large, you may take it thus, A Type is force outward or fen/ble thing ordained of God under the Old Teftament, to reprefent and hold forth lomethingof Chrift in the Nets. It may be otherwìfe worded. But the Defcription, if it be true, must be to this effe&; as ifwe fay,that a Type is an inftitutedrefemblanee of Gofpel-Truths and Myfteries ; or that it is a Sign holding forth Chrift,