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66 The Gofpel of tbep'erfonal Types. being the Common Root ofall Mankind.: But this will not Nike to make Marriage a Sacrament, any more than the annexing a typical ufe to the Jewifh Sabbath, viz.. to commemorate their [Deliverance out of Egypt, will make the fourth. Commandment Ceremonial. And as Adam wasa Type of Chrifl : So we may carry that- parallel a little further, and fo Eve may be coniidered as a Type of the Church For the Godly are called her Seed, i tint/put enmity between thy Seed, that is, the Serpents, ancriter Seed, Gen. 3. r 5. and Adam calls her the Mo- ther ofall living, Gen. 3. 20. So lerufalent which is above, that is the Church, is the Mother ofus all, Gal. 4. z6. . 4. And hilly, as .r/dary w r15. a Type hint/Cif ; fo he badfeveral Types belonging to him, There were divers real Types belonging to the Hifto. ry of this perfcnal Type. As Paradife a Type of Heaven. For Heaven is often called by that Name, 2 Cr. 12. that which in ver. 2. is called the third Heaven, is call- ed in ver. 4. Paradife ; fo. Luk.. 23. 43. this day (halt thou be with me in Paradife. Paradife VMS a .Garden of Pleafure, Eden, from whence,the Greek word :Von' Pleafure; and theFleatheniih-P.oems of the Gardens of Adonis : But at thy right band in Heaven are Plea/owesfor evermore, Pfal. 16. I I: Sa likewife the Tree ofLife in Paradife was g TypeofChrift. Tho' it was created upon the third Day of the Week ; and before the Gofpel it could not be a Typeof Chrift ; yet after the Fall, and after thePreach- ing of theGofpel, Gen. 3. it might be defigned and ordained .to thii As Ood provided Phyfical Herbs for Man before he fell, or needed them as to that ufe of Phyfick : So this Tree of Life before Sin, or theGofpel was known It feems to be fpoken of Revel. 2. 7. and 22,. 2 The Tree of Life in the midft of Paradife. Chrift in the midft of the Church. Man's Ejeffion out of Paradife, a Type of his deferved Exclufion oat of Heaven. And the Cberubims with flaming Swords, Gen. 3. ult. an outward and vifible Shadow of the Wrath of God ; and of the Angels of God as Executioners of it on Man, who were created to be Minifters to his good, and are fo again through Grace : But, as in our natural Conditi. on,, they are the. Lord'sHofts to fight againft us. But there is 7Avat.kahOP a much more put uponChrit. His raving Vir- tue far exceeds that curfedg influence of Adam, in fundry particulars, amply opened by the Apoftle, Rom: 5. from ver, 12. to theend of the Chapter. The Difparity is very great. r. In their Perfons, The firfi Adam is of theearth earthly ; his Name is but Adam, Earth, or Red Earth ; but the fecond Adam is the Lord NM Heaven, s Cor. i, 47. 2. In