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The Gofpel of the perfonalTypes. 67 2. In their Headjhip and Vndertakings, the one was Head of a Cove- nant of works ; the other of a better Covenant ofa Grace. 3. In the Succef of their Vndertakngs, Tile one failed ; the other kept the Covenant ; the firfl Adamwas tempted by Satan, and conquer- ed by him ; but Chrift was tempted, and overcame the Tempter. 4. In their Influences. The frft Adam was made a livingSoul ; the f cond a quickening Spirit, r Cor. 15. 45. The one conveys all Evil, : Sin and Death to his Seed : The other Communicates all Good, Righteouf- nefs and Life to his. There is Righteoufnefs oppofed to Sin and Life to Death, and with a much more, Rom. 5.15, 16, 1.7, r 8. Not as the Offence, Jo is thefree Gift. At the great Day, when Adam fhall fee his Seed loft and undone, he muff own it. I have embrued my Hands is the Blood of all thefe : But Chrifl thall fay, here am I, and the Children which Godhathgiven me, and not one ofthem is loft. 2. Enoch, the feventh from Adam. It is true, he is not fo ex.prefly mentioned in Scripture for a Type of Chrift, as Adam is ; but yet by comparing the Scriptures, we may dif- cern a clear Analogy between Chrift and him ; how he was made like unto theSon of God in fundry Things. r. He wasa molt illuftrious Type of Chrift's Afcen/ion into Heaven; and indeed the only Type they had of it before the Law. They had but two in all ; Elijah under the Law, and Enoch before the Law : Therefore we cannot well omit him, Gen. 5. 24. Enoch walked with God, and he was not : For God took him ; and Heb. It . 5. he was tranflated, that hefhould not fee Death, and was not found, becaufe God had tranflated him. Some look upon this as a Pledge of their Tranflation, that fhould be found alive at Chrift's fecund coming ; ofwhom the Apoftle faith, they /hall be cbanged,or tranflated, ' 7-heff 4. 17. 1 Cor.' 5. 51, 52.But it looks firft andchiefly at Chrift himfelf,at his Afcenfon. This I mention firft,as being thechief particular : But a further Analogy may be obferved in fundry other particulars alfo; as, 2. There was in Enoch force Shadow ofChrift's Prophetical Office ; we read ofEnoch's Prophefe, dude 14, 15. But Chrift: is the true Prophet, who bath unfealed the whole Book of God's Coúnfels, that Liber fatidi. 'us, Rev. 5. he bath opened it fo far as is fit and needful for his Church toknow. And as Enoch Prophefied of the Day of Judgment : So bath Chrift very fully and frequently. 3. We may fet him among the-Types of Gilrift, for his anparallel'd Holinefa in the Age wherein he lived, which was a corrupt and evil time, all Flefh began to corrupt their way, Gen. 5. 22, 24. Enacts walked withGod; itis twice repeated, as worthy of fpecial remark : So Chrift fulfilled all Rigbteoufnefs,Matth.3.i 5. K 2 His