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The Gofpel of the perfoual Types. ,fig Noah of his Preaching and faving the Church by the Covenant and Water of Baptifm ; Melchizedek was a Shadow of the Excellency and Eternity of his Perfon, and of his Priefthood and Kingdom, Know thefe things, meditate and confider them more throughly, and im- prove Chrift in there Difcoveries for your Spiritual good. Confider him as a Common Perfon ftanding in our ftead, as a Prophet, Prieft and King ; as afcended into Heaven, as the Saviour of the Church, which is his Body. vfe 2. Be exhorted to examine your [elves, and try which of the two Adams you are under. For there are but two Men in. the World, the firs and fecond Adam ; thou art a Member of one of them. Adanr and Chrift divide the whole World. Queft. How may we know whether webe under the firft or the fe- condAdam? Anfiiv. Take there Tryals. 1. What Birth haft thou ? Only the natural, or fpiritual Generation ?' Art thou only born, or new-born ? For they that come only from Adam by natural Generation, belong to him as thefirft Adann : They that come of Chrift by fpi! itual Regeneration are the Seed of Chrift, and belong to him as the fecond Adam. What Experience haft thou had of this great Work ? Nicodemus, though a Donor in ifrael, un- derftood little of it. 2. What Covenant dth thy Soul cleave to, and Aft under the Rule' and Influence of ? Works or Grace ? Works is the firft Adam's Covenant : But Grace is the Covenant of the Second Adam. To go forth in a Man's own Strength; to expec`f Acceptance in his own Worth, this is a firft Covenant- Spirit; a lign thou groweft upon the old Stock, upon theRoot of Old Adam : But to live in a continua al Dependance upon Free-Grace for every thing ; the Free-Grace of God in Chrift : This is the Spirit-of the Second Covenant ; and be- comes the Sons and Branches of the Second Adam. Though a godly Man may for a fit turn afide to the Old Covenant, as Abraham did tat .Hagar ; yet itis not his way; it is not his Spirit to do fo ; and thence` he is never at reft, till he return to have his Dependance and Reft on' Chrift again : The Spirit of one under the Covenant of Grace ìs, ta' haveno Confidence in the Flefh, but to have hvs reft and rejnycing in fefus Chrift, Phil. 3. 3. 3. What Communications, and whofe Influencer daft thou receive ? Ere ry Branch receives from its Root, the Stream from its Fountain.. Dbfi:' thou receive the Communications of the Firft or of the Scaner_Adam This will Thew whofe thouart, and to whom thon doft belong. Yots have,