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68 The Gófpel ofthe perfonal Types. 4. Hispleafsng God. For foit is teftifiedofhim, Heb. i I.5. fo Chrift, Mattb. 3. 17. this is my beloved Son, in whom l am well pleafed `yob. 8. 29. 1 do always thole things thatpleafe him. He is pleafed fo well with him, that he is well pleafed with Sinners for his fake, even for his Righ- teoufnefs fake. 5. His very Name Enoch bath fomething in it, dedicated unto God. 11,N7 confecratus, from `j?tt dedicavit, conf cravit. From whence fome de five the Greek ,cxzrtn) Initio, and ¡voirra, the Feafl ofDedication, joh. to, 21. So was Chrift, Luke r. 35. that body thing my Servant whom I bave chofen, Ifai. 42. I. and 49. 5. formed me from the Womb to be bis Servant. 6. Some have added, He was a Type in regard of the continuance of bis Life. Enoch's days were as the days of the Sun : For he lived three hundredfixtyfiveyears, Gen. S. 24. as many years as there be days in the year. And of Chrift it is Paid, his Throne /hall continue for ever, as the Sun before me, Pfal. 89. 36. 3. The third typical Perfon that we mentioned is Noah. He is made a Type, i Pet. 3. 20, 21. in regard of his Preaching and Saving thofe that believed him in the Ark. So Chrift bath publilhed the Gofpel, Mattb. I I. 27. no man knoweth the Father, but the Son,and he to whom the Son revealeth him He came andpreachedPeace, Ephef. 2. 17. I Pet. 3: r9; Chrift preached in Noah : He laves them that believeon him, he fa ves them in theArkof hisChurch, by the Covenant and Water of Baptifnr. See more of Noah, p. 9o. 4. Melchizedek was alto a Type of Chrift ; and molt efpecially in re- gard of theExcellency and Eternityof his Perlon, Priefthood andKing- dom, Pfal. Ito. 4. The Lord bath[worn, and wild not repent, thou art a Friefä for ever after the Order of Melchizedek, with Heb. '7.2, 3, 4. made dike unto the Son of God. But there being not time to infift upon there, nor to proceed to the raft of theTypes ; I [hall for the prefent Conclude with fomething of úfeand praEaical Improvement ; and (hall raife the fifes notfo much from the DoEirine in general ; as from that which hath been fpoken upon it at this time. Vfe t. Learn and know fomething more of Jefus Chrift by what you bave . beard;- or, ifyou knew it before, let it be more deeply imprinted upon your Hearts. Let us fum up all together : For they are all but partial. Types, andweak and imperfe& Shadows of the Meffiah : But all toge- ther will give the greater luftre ; like the Galaxia, which is faid to be aamultitudeoflittle Stars, Adam, was a Type of Chrift in regard of hih.Headfhipand Influence; Lnocb a Typeof his Afcenfon intoHeaven; ,d17o,