Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOthcIII; PARADISE LOST; 84. (Imagin'd rather oft than elfewhere feen) That (tone, or like to that which here below hoc Philolophers in vain fo long have fought, 1 ; vain, though by, their pow'rful art they bind Volatik Heimes; and calliT unbound In v thanes old Proteus from the tea, Draia'd through a limbec to his native form, 6o5 What wonder then if fields and regions here Breathe forth Elixir pure, and rivers run Potable gold, when with one virtuous touch Th' arch-chimic fun, fo far from us remote; Produces, with terrettrial humour mix'd, 6 s o Here in the dark fo many precious things Of color glorious, and effed fo rare ? Here matter new to gaze the devil met Undazzled ; far and wide his eye commands, For fight no obflacle found here, nor (bade, 61.0. But all fun thine, as when his beams at noon Culminate from th' /Equator, as they now Shot upward ftill direct, whence no way round Shadow from body opaque can fall, and th' air; No where fo clear, fharpen'd his vifual ray 620 To objects dittant far, whereby he loon SaW within ken a glorious Angel (land, The fame whom John taw alfo in the fun His back was turn'd, but not his brightnefs hid Of beaming funny rays : a golden tiar 625 Circl'd his head nor lefs his locks behind illuarions on his thoulders, fledge with wings; Lay waving round : on force great charge employ d. He feem'd, or fixt in cogitation deep, Glad was the fpirit impure, as now in hope .63p To find who might dired his wancrring flight To Paradife the happy feat of man, His journey's end, and our beginning woe, N ,hut