Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

9A PARADISE LOST. BOOK 1V, With other promifes and other vaunts Than to fubmit, boafting I could fuddue 8$ Th' Omnipotent: Ah me ! they little know w dearly I abide that boat{ fo vain; Under what torments inwardly I groan, While they adore me on the throne of hell. With diadem and feeptre high advanc'd, The lower 11111 I tall, only fupreme In mifery ; fuch joy ambition finds ! But fay 1 could repent, and could obtain By a6t of grace my former (late, how foon Would height recall high thoughts, how loon tit-day 95 What feign'd fubmiffion fwore ! eafe would recant Vows made in pain, as violent and void ; (For never can true reconcilement grow Where wounds of deadly hate have pierc'd fo deep) Which would but lead me to a worfe relapfe 10Q And heavier fall: fo ihould I purchafe dear Short intermiffion bought with double fmart. This knows my punifher ; therefore as far From granting he, as I from begging peace. All hope excluded thus, behold I in (lead Its5 Of us out-caft, his new delight Mankind created, and for him this world. So farewel hope, and wi,h hope farewel fear, Farewel remorfe ! all good to me is loft ! P.vil be thou my good ! by thee at leaft Iit Divided empire with heav'n's kir:g I hold ; liy thee, and more than half perhaps, will reign : As rit,,,n ee,r-lorig, and this new world (hall know. Thus while he fpake, each pafTion dimm'd his face Thrice chang'd with pale, ire, envy and defpair, ifs hich me.r'd his borrow'd visage, and betray'd im counterfeit, if any eye beheld, (For