Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

Boot IVA PARADISE LOST' Another fide, umbrageous grots and caves Of cool recefs, o'er which the mantling vine Lays forth her purple grape, and gently creeps Luxuriant : mean-while murm'ring waters fall 260 D )wo the (lope hills, difpers'd, or in a lake, That to the fringed hank with myrtle crown'd Her chrytial mirror holds, unite their Breams. The birds their quire apply ; airs, vernal airs, Breathing the linen of field and grove attune 265, The trembling leaves, while univerfal Pan, Knit with the graces and the hours in dancei Led on th' eternal fpring. Not that fair field Of Enna; where Proferpine gathering flow'rs Her felf a fairer flow'r by gloomy Dis Was gather'd, which colt Ceres all that pain To feek her thro' the world : nor that tweet grove Of Daphne by Orontes, and th' infpir'd Callahan fpring, might with this Paradife Of Eden firive : nor that Nyferian isle 275 Girt with the river Triton, where old Chain; (WhomGentiles Ammon call and Libyan Jove) Hid Amalthea, and her florid fon Young Bacchus, from his flepciame Rhea's eye : Nor where Abalfin Kings their iffue guard, 280 Mount Amara (though this by tome fuppos'd True Paradife) under the JEthio.p Line By Nilus' head, inclos'd with fhining rock, A whole day's journey high, but wide remote From this Affyrian garden ; where the fiend 285 Saw undelighted all delight, all kind Of living creatures new to fight and flrang Two of far nobler fhape erea and tall Godlike ered I with native honor clad In naked majefty, feem'd Lords of all ; 290 P And 91 27e