Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BooK W. PARADISE LOST t13 Or if, infpiring venom, he might taint Tli' animal fpirits, that from pure blood arife Sos Like gentle breaths from rivers pure; thence raife At !aft diflemper'd, difcontented thoughts, Vain hopes, vain aims, inordinate defires, Blow up with high conceits ingendring pride. Him thus intent Ithuriel with his fpear Sic Touch'd lightly; (for no falfhood can indure Touch of coeleftial temper, but returns Of force to its own likenefs) up he flags Difcover'd and furpriz'd. As when a fpark Lights on a heap of nitrous powder, laid Fit for the tun, fome magazine to fore Againft a rumor'd war, the fmutty grain With fudden blaze diffus'd, inflames the air So fluted up in his own fhape the fiend. Back ilep'd thofe two fair angels half amaz'd 8z So fudden to behold the grifly King; Yet thus, unmov'd with fear, accoft him loon. Which of thofe rebel fpirits adjudg'd to hell Com'a thou, efcap'd thy prifon, and cransform'd Why left thou, like an enemy in wait, 825 Here watching at the head of thefe that deep ? Know ye not then, laid Satan, fill'd with fcorn, Know ye not Me ? ye knew me once no mate For you, there fitting where you durft not boar ; Not to knowme argues yourfelves unknown, 830 The loweft of your throng ; or if ye know, Why afk ye, and fuperfiuous begin Your meffage, like to end as much in vain ? Towhom thus Zephon, anfwering fcorn with fcorn, Thinjc not, revolted fpirit, thy shape the fame, 835 Or