Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

116 PARADISE LOST. Boni( IV. The reit is true : they found me where they fay ; 900 But that implies not violence, or harm. Thus he in fcorn. The warlike Angel mov'd, Difdainfully half fmiling, thus reply'd. lofs of one in heav'n to judge of wife, Since Satan fell, whom folly overthrew ! 905 And now returns him from his prifon fcap'd, Gravely in doubt whether to hold them wife Or not, who afk what boldnefs brought him hither Unlicens'd, from his bounds in hell prefcrib'd ; So wife he judges it to fly from pain 910 However, and to (cape his punifhment. Sc judge thou fijil, prefumptuous, till the wrath, Which thou incurr'ft by flying, meet thy flight Sev'ntcld, and fcourge that wifdom back tohell, Which taught thee yet no better, that no pain 915 Can equal anger infinite provok'd. But wherefore thou alone ? wherefore with thee Came not all hell broke look ? is pain to them Lets pain, lets to be fled ? or thou than they Lefs hardy to indure ? courageous chief ! 920 The fir( in flight from pain ! hada thou alledg'd To thy deferted holt this caufe of flight, Thou finely hada not come Pole fugitive. To which the fiend thus anfwer'd frowning fiern. Not that I lcfs indure, or (brink from pain, 925 Infulting Angel, well thou know'fl 1 food Thy fierceR, when in battel to thy aid The blaing vollied thunder made all (peed, And feconded thy elfe not dreaded fpear. But Rill thy words at random, as before, 430 Argue thy inexperience what behoves Vrom hard cfrays and ill fucceffes A