Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

THE ARGUMENT OF THE FIFTH BOOK. ORNINO approach'd, Eve relates to Adam her troubled Tome dream ; he likes it not, yet comforts her : They come forth to their day labors : Their morning hymn at the door of their bower. God to render man inexcufable fends Raphael to admonifh him of his obedienti of his fiee eftate; of his enemy near at hand, who he is, and why his enemy, and whatever elfe may avail Adam to know. Raphael comes down to Paradife, his appearance defcrib'd, his coming difcern'd by Adam afar off fitting at the door of his bower; he goes out to meet him, brings him to his lodge, entertains him with the choiceft fruits of Paradife got together by Eve ; their difcourfe at table : Raphael performs his meffage, minds Adam of his Bate and of his enemy ; relates at Adam's requeft who that enemy is, and howhe cape to be fo, beginning froth his firft revolt in Heaven, and the occafion thereof ; how he drew his legions after him to the parts of the north, and there incited them to rebel with him, perfuading all but only Abdiel a Seraph, who in argument diffuades and oppofes him, then forfakes him. 111.1Lror