Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

126 PARADISE LOST. Boos V. But fometimes in the air, as we, fometimes Afcend to heav'n, by merit thine, and fee $cp What life the Gods live there, and fuch live Thou. So laying, he drew nigh, and to me held, Ev'n to my mouth, of that fame fruit held part Which he had pluck'd : the plcafant favouiry finell So quickcn'd appetite, that I, methought, Could not but tattle ! Forthwith up to the clouds With him I flew, and underneath beheld The earth outitretch'd immenfe, a prufpeEt wide And various : wond'ring at my flight and change To this high exaltation ; futhienly My guide was gone, and I, methought, funk down, And fell afleep : but 0, how glad I waled To find this but a dream ! Thus Eve her night Related, and thus Adam anfweed fad. Belt image of my fell, and dearer half I The trouble of thy thoughts this night in fleep Aft,:as me equally ; nor can I like This uncouth dream, of evil sprung I fear. Yet evil whence ? in thee can harbour none, Created pure. But know that in the foul Are many leffer faculties that ferve Reafon as chief : among thefe Fancy next Her office holds : of all external things Which the five watchful fenfes repretent, She forms Imaginations, aery ihapes, Which Reafon joining or disjoining, frames All what we affirm, or what deny, and call Our knowledge or opinion ; then retires Into her private cell, when nature ref's. Oft in her abfence mimic Fancy wakes no To imitate her ; but misjoining fhapes, Wild work prcduces oft, and moil in dreams ; 95 105 Ill