Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK V. PARADISE LOST: After his charge receiv'd ; but from among Thoufand celettial Ardors, where he ftood Veil'd with his gorgeous wings, up fpringing light, 25o Flew through the midft of heav'n : th' Angelic (fires On each hand parting, to his (peed gave way Through all th' ernpyreal road ; till at the gate Of heav'n arriv'd, the gate felf-open'd wide On golden hinges turning, as by work 255 Divine, the fov'reign archited had fram'd. From hence (no cloud, or, to obtlrua his fight, Star interpos'd,) however (mall, he fees (Not unconform to other fhining globes) Earth, and the Gard'n of God, with cedars crown'd Above all hills. As when by night the glafs 261 Of Galileo, lels affur'd, obferves Imagin'd lands and regions in the moon t Or pilot from amidft the Cyclades, Delos, or Samos, first appearing kens 265 A cloudy (pot. Down thither prone in flight He fpeeds, and through the vail ethereal fky :Jails between worlds and worlds : with (teddy wing Now on the polar winds ; then with quick fan Winnows the buxom air : till within (oar 270 Of towring eagles, t' all the fowls he feems A Phoenix gaz'd by ali, as that Tole bird, When to inthrine his reliqucs in the fun's Bright temple, to (Egyptian Thebes he flies. At once on th' eatlern cliff of Paradife 275 He lights, and to his proper fhape returns, A Seraph wing'd : fix wings he wore, to (bade His lineaments divine ; the pair that clad Each (boulder broad, came mantling o'er his breaft With regal ornament : the middle pair 28,0 Girt like a (tarry zone his want, and round Skirted his loins and thighs with downy gold, And