Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

Book.V. PARADISE LOST. Innumerable before th' Almighty's throne Forthwith, from all the ends of heav'n, appear'd Under their hierarchs in orders bright : Ten thoufand thoufand enfigns high advanc'd, (Sandards, and gonfalons 'mixt van and rear) Stream in the air, and for diftint-tion ferve Of Hierarchies, of Orders, and Degrees : Or in their glittering tiffues bear init)laz'd Holy memorials, ads of zeal and love Recorded eminent. Thus %hen in orbs Of circuit inexpreffible they flood, Orb within orb, the Father infinite, By whom in bids itnboforn'd fat the Son, Amidit (as from a flaming mount, whole top Brightnets had made inviable) thus fpake. Hear all ye Angels, progeny of light, 600 Thrones, Dominations, Princedoms, Virtues, Pow'rs! Hear my decree, which uncevok'd fhall (land. This day I have begot whom I declare My on]y Son, and on this holy hill Him have anointed, whom ye now behold 6os At my right hand : your Head I Him appoint : And by My fell have fwoin to Him (hall bow All knees in heav'n, and dial' confefs him Lord. Under his great Vice-gerent reign abide United, as one individual foul, 6io For-ever happy : Him who difobeys, Me difubeys, breaks union, and that day Cali out from God, and bleffed vition, falls Into utter darknefs, deep ingulf'd, his place Odairi'd without redemption, without end. 615 So fpake th' Omnipotent, and with his words All feem'd well pleas'd : all feem'd, but were not all. That 141 585 59(1 595