Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

THE ARGUMENT OF THE SIXTH BOOK. A P H A E L continues to relate how Michael and Gabriel were fent forth to battel againft Satan and his Angels. The firft fight de- fcrib'd : Satan and his Powers retire under night : He calls a council, invents devilish engines, which in the fecond day's fight put Michael and his Angels to fome diforder : but they at length pulling up moun- tains overwhelm'd both the force and machines of Satan : Yet the tumult not fo ending, God on the thirdday fends Mefliah his Son, for whom he had referv'd the glory of that victory : He in the power of his Father coming to the place, and caufing all his legions to hand on either fide, with his chariot and thunder driving into the iniclft of his enemies, purfues them unable to refift towards the wall of Heaven ; which opening, they leap down with horror and confulion into the place of punifhment prepar'd for them in the deep : Mefliah returns with triumph to his Father. THE